Artist impression of the TRAPPIST-1 system

Artist impression of the TRAPPIST-1 system, containing seven Earth-size planets, three of which are in the habitable zone of the star. Image: NASA


Are We Alone in the Universe?
Monday, June 4, 7:30 pm
Morrison Planetarium

Featuring Lisa Kaltenegger, Director, Carl Sagan Institute, Cornell University

The detection of thousands of exoplanets orbiting alien suns revolutionized our view of the cosmos—and the next generation of telescopes will be able to peer into the atmospheres of rocky planets glimpse other worlds.

In this lecture, Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger will reveal the latest research into these exoplanets' suitability for life, and the techniques and missions that could finally answer the question: "Are we alone in the Universe?"

Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger looking into the night sky

Lisa Kaltenegger is director of the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University and an associate professor in Cornell’s astronomy department. Her research focuses on exploring worlds around alien suns and searching for signs of life.

Her awards include the 2014 Doppler Prize for Innovation in Science and the 2012 Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize for Physics. She was named an innovator to watch by TIME, a Role Model for Women in Science and Research by the European Commission, and one of America’s Young Innovators by Smithsonian Magazine. She is featured in the new IMAX movie “Search for Life in Space.” Asteroid 7734 Kaltenegger is named after her.