Habitat Earth

Humans live within an intricate network of plants, animals, and other life forms that support us in myriad ways.  Discover the beauty, variety, and vast complexity of these relationships - from the food webs of San Francisco Bay to the mutually beneficial partnerships in a forest community.  You'll learn how life changes our planet - and how we benefit from our connections to the life that surrounds us.

Winner, Director's Award, Central European Fulldome Festival, 2015

Due to limited seating, show passes are handed out on a first-come/first-served basis—please visit the cart at the planetarium's entrance to pick up your tickets. Our schedule is subject to change, so it's a great idea to confirm your preferred showtime on the day of your visit. Note: Shows may not be appropriate for children 6 and younger, and we regret that we cannot permit anyone under 4. School and youth groups are required to make advance reservations.