3D Earth: Rainforests

Running time: approximately 20 minutes. No passes needed.

Explore global views of the rainforest like never before with 3D Earth: Rainforests, an all-new, live 3D show playing in the Forum Theater.

From towering canopies to the lush forest floor, follow Academy scientists as they explore the biodiversity and global impact of these rich, tropical environments. Along the way, don a pair of 3D glasses and march with a colony of leafcutter ants to see how these hardworking insects transport nutrients and turn over soil, hang from branches with a sloth to learn how its slow-moving lifestyle provides a habitat for algae and fungi, and visualize the planetary influence of rainforests through satellite observations of our living planet. Dive deeper into current rainforest research around the world, including exciting new discoveries and cutting-edge conservation work.

Every program is hosted live by a member of the planetarium presenter team, and also features pre-recorded cameos by Academy scientists, including entomologist Brian Fisher, canopy researcher Meg Lowman, and Executive Director Jonathan Foley.

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