• Pogo the penguin receives a valentine from Academy biologist
  • Pogo the penguin swims in her pool surrounded by felt valentines
  • An African penguin carries a felt valentine in its beak
  • Pogo the penguin cocks her head inquisitively with felt valentines in the background

Penguin Valentines
February 14, 10:30 am
Tusher African Hall (map)
Can't make it IRL? Join us via livestream!

It's the most waddle-ful time of the year! Join our Species Survival Plan colony of African penguins—and the biologists who care for them—in this scientifically adorable annual tradition. In addition to munching fish, you’ll see curious penguins nab felt hearts to line their nests (great for pair-bonding) and learn about the important husbandry work done by our Steinhart Aquarium biologists.

Two penguins humorously play tug of war with a felt valentine

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