This spring, step into the East Garden—and 66 million years into the past. An eye-popping array of moving, roaring, exquisitely detailed life-size dinosaurs have invaded the Academy! 

Dino Days went out with a roar on May 27, 2019. We hope you enjoyed the exhibit!

An immersive festival with its footprint all over the Academy, Dino Days invites you to travel back in time to the Late Cretaceous period and come face-to-face with the largest reptiles that ever stalked the Earth.

  • Walk among life-size animatronic dinosaurs that move and roar.
  • Brush up on your paleontology in two fossil excavation pits.
  • Join a dino dance-off or create your own dino-inspired crafts.

Start your prehistoric trek at the updated T. rex display in the lobby, follow the footprints to the newly dino-fied East Garden, then head up to the Naturalist Center to learn how fossils help scientists tell the stories of the prehistoric past.

A realistic Tyrannosaurus rex costume worn by an Academy staff person, accompanied by a handler

Meet Cretaceous creatures

As you explore the East Garden, encounter five incredible dinosaur species: two Tyrannosaurus rexes (including one tame enough for photo ops), an armored Edmontonia, a colorfully crested Parasaurolophus with her young, a double-horned Torosaurus, and a pack of highly intelligent Troodons.

Apatosaurus tibia on display at Dino Days

Touch ancient history

Discover a diverse collection of prehistoric specimens on display throughout the museum, like the Apatosaurus tibia pictured above—and perhaps add some choice new words to your vocabulary (coprolite = fossilized dinosaur poop).

An alligator snapping turtle in the Swamp exhibit

See living fossils

The lifelike dinosaurs in the East Garden have some real life counterparts in Steinhart Aquarium. The Swamp's albino alligator, gars, and snapping turtles and the Amazon Flooded Forest's arapaima are often referred to as "living fossils" due to their remarkable similarity to their ancient ancestors in both appearance and biology.

A boy paints at a family craft activity at the museum

Learn through play

Everybody walk the dinosaur—and draw, dance, and roar like one, too! Browse the section below for Dino Days' full lineup of interactive public programs, and click each program for more details.  


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