Scientists are working with seals to study remote areas of the Antarctic that are vital to global ocean currents

Today's post reveals how Lucy died 3.8 million years ago, why lobsters can consume poisonous jellies, and more.

Birds that pull strings and sing songs of warning, plus big fish and the nutrients they provide to coral reefs.

Sharks that live to 400 years(!), tiger sharks’ easy meal, and more trouble for California condors.

New finds this week include deep-sea scorpionfish and odd-looking bioluminescent fish, plus a tidewater goby.

Do local efforts help coral reefs?

To prevent plastic straws wreaking havoc in our oceans, Surfrider is asking restaurants to skip the straw.

Porpoises known as vaquitas are critically endangered. Discover more about them and how you can help!

What are whale sharks worth? Where do they migrate? How is that changing? The answers may help us protect them.

We're starting shark week with some of the unknown and little-known sharks that deserve our attention...


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