Stingrays Live

Stream our stingrays 24/7 on your mobile device or Apple TV!

Switch between two high-definition webcams and spot every detail on 10+ species of stingray and fish. Watch as cownose and honeycomb rays circle our mangrove lagoon exhibit in search of their next meal—and it’s never far away.

Stop by online or in-person Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1:30 pm PT to watch a stingray feeding.

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Stingrays Live is now available for download on the App Store and in Google Play. Don't have the latest Apple TV or smartphone? You can view the reef lagoon cam with a browser or mobile device anytime. Check out our YouTube channel for more science videos and live streams.


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Who's Eating What During Feedings?

Ever wonder what the animals in the Reef Lagoon eat? Here's a list of their menu options.

  • The rays eat clam tongue, prawns, squid, white bait, live Manila clams, and capelin
  • The bony fishes eat krill, gel food, and pellets