Speed in Space is the latest, non-fulldome presentation by Morrison Planetarium. Part of the Academy’s Built for Speed exhibit programming, this live, 15-minute show explores the fastest things in the Universe from Apollo to asteroids to light itself. We’ve included some links below to help you find additional information related to topics covered in the program.

Built for Speed exhibit page
Where is Voyager?
New Horizons
Hypervelocity Stars
Understanding the Speed of light
Measuring the Speed of Light
ISS Tracker
NASA's Spot the Station
Milky Way’s rotation
Black Holes
Black holes at Galactic Centers
ISON distance tracker

And... How fast are you moving when you're standing still?

Speed in Space runs every 45 minutes on weekends through May 19th and September 7th-29th and weekdays May 27th- September 3rd in Hohfeld Hall. No passes necessary, all ages welcome.

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