intertidal survey at pillar point reef

Our citizen science project monitors a suite of species - both invertebrates and algae - in six permanent plots on the reef. Through long-term citizen science monitoring, large-scale bioblitzes, and casual observation we have been able to build a baseline biodiversity list of over 600 species. We also respond to pressing issues through other types of surveys; for example, we occasionally do all-reef surveys for sea stars, so we can monitor how Pillar Point stars are doing in light of the sea star wasting disease. We also have a stellar nudibranch team that does quarterly surveys for us.

You can help add to the knowledge of Pillar Point by joining our citizen science team, or just uploading observations of anything you see while you're out enjoying the reef. All information is important! If you're interested in volunteering in our Pillar Point surveys, send an email to to get put on our mailing list about upcoming survey dates.

Explore some of the observations we've made over the years below:


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