Gross NightLife

Members $10, Non-Members $12. 21+ event, ID required for entry.

Prepare to get grossed out at NightLife’s first-ever tribute to all things icky—from the creepy and crawly to the downright disgusting.


Bed Bugs Talk (African Hall)
8:00 pm, Catch an itch-inducing talk about every urbanites worst nightmare—bed bugs—from Infested author Brooke Borel. Learn how her new book chronicles the renaissance of this frightful insect and why scientists continue to marvel at their remarkable biology.

Sewage Science & Microbes (Project Lab)
6:30-9:00 pm, Ever wonder about where your poop goes? Chat with local experts from the SF Public Utilities Commission about the science of sewage—a story that just might surprise you!

Hear about the latest microbial research with UC Berkeley and Angus Chandler. Get up close with different types of microbes found in soil plus, find out what’s living on your cell phone, keyboard, and more!

Let Academy microbiologist Dr. Shannon Bennett explore your eyebrows for invisible mites under a microscope—don’t be ashamed, we all have them.

Learn about the meaty role that flesh-eating beetles play in science with Sue Pemberton and watch as they scour flesh off of animal bones before your very eyes.

Edible Bugs & Gak Making (Swamp)
6:00-10:00 pm, Want to take your gross-tolerance to the next level? Sample edible insects, which are also one of the planet’s most sustainable food sources. Then, dissect owl pellets and relive your childhood while making your own take-home gak gel.
*while supplies last

Music by DJ Will and Ghosts on Tape.

Food & Drink
A variety of food options are available at NightLife from 6-9:30pm, including The Academy Cafe, The Terrace located in the West Garden, and The Academy Cafe Food Cart located in the front lobby.

Enjoy a different fresh seasonal "craft on draft" cocktail at each NightLife bar area designed by our resident mixologist Shane McKnight!

Plus, swing by The Terrace from 6-9pm for a special wine tasting hosted by Brassfield Winery!

Note: All bars accept cash and credit cards.

Exhibit Times 6:00-7:45 pm, Osher Rainforest—explore a lush, four-story rainforest that's teeming with life.


Planetarium Shows

6:30 pm

What are the real chances of an outbreak coming from outer space?

7:30 pm, 8:30 pm

Discover how life is connected in Habitat Earth, our latest original planetarium show.

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