Beyond caring for our animals, the Steinhart Aquarium’s skilled team of biologists also finds the time to conduct impactful conservation work worldwide. Come hang out with Academy biologists, who will share stories about the diverse field work they do outside of the four walls of the aquarium.

• Steinhart Aquarium’s African penguin exhibit is modeled after Boulders Beach, home to one of South Africa’s remaining breeding colonies. For over a decade, our biologists have traveled to Cape Town regularly to volunteer with SANCCOB (Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds). Biologist Steven Yong talks about his recent trip there to help with sick and injured seabirds, as well as what it takes to hand-rear abandoned penguin chicks and eggs.

• The golden frog (Atelopus zeteki) is a popular cultural symbol in Panamá, but these colorful yellow-and-black frogs haven’t been seen in the wild since 2009. They’re considered critically endangered now, a result of habitat loss and the deadly chytrid fungus disease. Biologist Kelsey Paulling, who works with Steinhart Aquarium’s golden frog resident colony, talks about her recent trip to work with the EVACC Foundation (El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center)—and celebrate the nation’s Golden Frog Day.

• At Steinhart Aquarium, biologist Lisa Larkin cares for the corals in our 212,000-gallon Philippine Coral Reef exhibit, including propagation in the Academy’s Coral Spawning Lab, acquiring corals from partner aquariums, and monitoring the colonies' health. She recently took this expertise into the field, where, alongside partners at SECORE and the Roatán Marine Park, she worked on a coral breeding project to help ensure the health of Honduran reefs.


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