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We know that it’s important to take care of the entire planet, but this Earth Day, we’re focusing on projects at the zip code level. Get inspired by people and organizations radically changing both the health of the environment and their communities—through sustainable development, environmental justice efforts, and remaking the food system—and how these projects can be “greenprints” for larger efforts.


  • “Greenprints” are planning tools that reveal the benefits that natural resources contribute to the ecosystem, economy, and the local and regional community. Elizabeth Hiroyasu, Landscape Scientist at The Nature Conservancy of California, talks about her work developing a SoCal version of the Bay Area Greenprint and how nature-based solutions can help mitigate the impacts of natural disasters.
  • Environmental exposures play a substantial role in the disproportionate burden of disease experienced by certain communities. Dr. Mónica Ramírez-Andreotta, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, is the director of Project Harvest, a citizen science project that works with community members living near contaminated sites through monitoring their harvested rainwater, soil, and plants. The project’s goal is nothing short of structural change, and Dr. Ramírez-Andreotta shares how equity-centered community design can help people take better care of themselves, their families, and their environment.
  • Planting Justice is an Oakland-based organization addressing structural inequalities within the food system. Ashley Yates, Media Director, gives an overview of the organization’s work, which includes programs that create green jobs, provide ecological stewardship, offer holistic reentry from prison, and ultimately heal the communities most affected by unequal access to affordable food, dignified jobs, and green space.

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