White Ibis Among Mangroves at Weedon Island; Photo: Matthew Paulson

Credit: Matthew Paulson


Join us Thursday, May 19, at 7 pm PT for a free NightSchool livestream!

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Against all odds, mangrove forests seemingly do it all. Learn how these amazing coastal ecosystems transform hot, muddy, salty swamps into thriving nurseries for marine life and above-ground habitat for other wildlife—and do more of their fair share of carbon storage.


  • Dr. Cinda Scott, Center Director at The School for Field Studies in Panamá, introduces us to the beauty and wonder of mangroves—and the work being done at the intersections of marine biology, conservation, and social science to save mangrove forests in a rapidly changing world.
  • Dr. Mayda Nathan, Communications Associate with the Ecological Society of America, takes us above water for a closer look at the insect (and other arthropod) life finding homes in mangrove branches.
  • Dr. Octavio Aburto, photographer and professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, delves into the ecological history and mystery of a population of red mangroves that grow along the San Pedro Mátir River in the Yucatan Peninsula, over 100 miles from their usual coastal habitat. 

All NightSchool virtual programming is intended for audiences 21+.



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