Join us Thursday, October 15th, at 7 pm PDT for a free NightLife livestream!

Join us for a NightSchool session examining the wild landscape of cities: how living with wildlife has shaped where we live, and how we are shaping wildlife. Settle in for three fascinating talks about how species might be evolving rapidly as a response to living in some of the least natural environments on the planet.


  • Pigeons and cities go hand-in-hand, but how did these birds become such city slickers and why do they stick around? Learn about the urban evolution and ecology of NYC’s feral pigeons with Elizabeth Carlen, PhD candidate at Fordham University and esteemed NYC pigeon wrangler.
  • Red-legged frog populations are declining across the Pacific Northwest, except in urban stormwater ponds. Dr. Max R. Lambert, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UC Berkeley, studies how amphibians are evolving to live in cities—and how this rapid evolution might inform the future of urban nature conservation.
  • Structural inequality doesn’t just affect humans. Dr. Christopher Schell, Asst. Professor of Urban Ecology at the University of Washington, will talk about how these inequalities that shape cities also shape the outcomes of wildlife that live in them and how some species, like coyotes and raccoons, may serve as sentinels of environmental health and inequity.



Missed the party? Just want to relive the magic? Watch the recorded livestreams on YouTube!


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