Coastal Wolves

Join us Thursday, March 11, at 7 pm PT for a free NightSchool livestream!

Get to know the wolf, one of North America’s most iconic terrestrial mammals, important predators, and controversial species. We’ll dig into wolf history and ecology, scientific classification, and the complicated relationship between wolves and humans.


  • Kent Laudon has been working with wolves for 23 years and is currently the wolf specialist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Northern Region. He’ll talk about wolf ecology, how wolves moved into California from the Northern Rockies, and the work of building a new wolf management program for the state.
  • With advanced genome technologies, researchers are now able to find remnants of “endangered” or “ghost” genetics in common species. Bridgett vonHoldt, Associate Professor at Princeton University, talks about one example: North America’s endemic red wolf and the coyote population that carries their endangered genes.
  • Last summer, photographer Steve Woods followed a pack of endangered coastal wolves on the remote outer islands of British Columbia. He’ll talk about the experience of getting to know and photograph this unique group of wolves and their fight for survival in Canada’s wild coastal ecosystem.

All NightLife virtual programming is intended for audiences 21+.



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