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Join us Thursday, April 30, at 7 pm PDT for a free NightLife livestream!

NightLife is now a regularly scheduled delivery: Every other Thursday, tune in to a new volume of Virtual NightLife, an experimental online event that brings science, art, and music to you. To attend, be sure to fix yourself a “quarantini,” ping your friends for some simultaneous event-experiencing, and click over to this experimental showcase streaming live on YouTube and Facebook. We’re all in this together—and we’re just as curious as you are to see what happens.

The lineup for Vol. 3:

  • Shark Week’s Vicky Vásquez returns to deliver a crash-course in shark science (and perhaps some more shark charades).
  • Meet the animal ambassadors of Sweet Farm, a first-of-its-kind nonprofit sanctuary addressing the global impacts of factory farming through animal rescue and rehabilitation, agriculture, technology, education—and Goat-2-Meeting Zoom calls.
  • Dr. Lauren Esposito, Curator of Arachnology, shares some of the very surprising arachnid courtship rituals and bizarre reproductive strategies.
  • Animator and GIF artist Angie Amaro shows off her claymation puppets and stop-motion process (search for #calacademy on GIPHY to use her Claude and penguin GIFs!).
  • Save those scraps! Maximize your produce potential and fight off COVID-19 scurvy with your very own quarantine garden. Museum of Craft and Design’s Education Director, Sarah Charlotte, will show you how to regenerate kitchen scraps and teach a simple macramé method for hanging your garden in the sunlight. Here's the class handout!
  • Musician Andre Thierry jams on his accordion for a short set of world-class zydeco soul music.

Morrison Planetarium presenters M. Josh Roberts and Mary Holt return as hosts for your biweekly dose of astronomy news and dad jokes.

We want to crash your party! Share your setup using #VirtualNightLife.



Streaming live on YouTube and Facebook select Thursdays at 7 pm PDT:

May 14:

  • Program details coming soon!

May 28:

  • Program details coming soon!



Missed the party? Just want to relive the magic? Watch the recorded livestreams on YouTube!


Upcoming NightLife Events

February 4th at 7:00 pm

Come virtual birdwatching with us to explore the world of pelicans, gulls, waders, and other coastal birds.

February 11th at 7:00 pm

Celebrate the beginning of a new lunar year with an ode to the Moon.

February 18th at 7:00 pm

Close your eyes and listen to music, nature, and the universe during an evening dedicated to surprising sounds.

February 25th at 7:00 pm

Learn about the now-extinct iconic California grizzly bears that once roamed the entire length of the state.