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Locations that can host 10 or more Science Action Club programs may send a representative to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to become a certified SAC trainer.  Choose your curriculum unit, and bring SAC resources back to your program leaders!

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Could you host 10+ Science Action Club programs in your community? If so, you're invited to send a representative to the Academy to become a certified SAC trainer!

Your trainer will attend the SAC Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop, which is designed to build a community of practice, explain trainer responsibilities, and offer hands-on preparation to lead SAC trainings for program staff back in your community.

ToT is a two-day workshop held at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Trainers should have experience teaching other educators, but no science background is needed.

Costs are determined by the number of participating programs, beginning at $1,600 per program—including in-person and online professional development, curriculum, and supplies.

Program fees cover your choice of one curriculum kit (Bird Scouts, Bug Safari, or Cloud Quest) and are highly subsidized, thanks to SAC’s generous donors.

"My students enjoyed the activity so much that they asked to do it again the following day, making more and more modifications to their rockets and changing the amounts of fuel used. The looks on their faces when they achieved greater success than expected were priceless."
Roosevelt Middle School, Vista CA

"Clouds are so easy to teach because all students have seen one before. The interesting part is having the students actively participate and stay interested in the topic. We had no issues engaging the students in this activity because they became cloud experts."
Juliette Low Elementary​, Anaheim

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