Bug Safari kits are now available online! Each kit includes 12 easy-to-follow activity plans, STEM supplies, and online training for program staff. For Bird Scouts, Cloud Quest, or refill kits, contact scienceactionclub@calacademy.org.

Science Action Club makes it easy and fun to lead hands-on STEM in afterschool and summer programs—no experience necessary! Through games, projects, and exciting investigations, Science Action Club inspires youth to explore nature, contribute to authentic science research, and design strategies to protect the planet.

From rural Alaska to midtown Manhattan, over 42,000 youth and educators in more than 200 cities and towns have participated in Science Action Club since 2011.


Science Kits and Staff Training

sac kit

Science Action Club features hands-on science kits that spark curiosity and build scientific skills. Each kit includes:

  • High quality content from a world-class museum and scientific institution
  • Twelve fun activities and bonus resources for 60-90 minute club sessions
  • Science tools and supplies for 20 youth in grades 5-8
  • Interactive, self-paced, online training for program staff
  • Options for customized, in-person trainings

"My students enjoyed the activity so much that they asked to do it again the following day, making more and more modifications to their rockets and changing the amounts of fuel used. The looks on their faces when they achieved greater success than expected were priceless."
Roosevelt Middle School, Vista CA

"Clouds are so easy to teach because all students have seen one before. The interesting part is having the students actively participate and stay interested in the topic. We had no issues engaging the students in this activity because they became cloud experts."
Juliette Low Elementary​, Anaheim


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