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Teen Think Tank (T3) is a teen advisory group that provides feedback, perspective, and voice to a variety of institutional initiatives, projects, and programs.



What is Teen Think Tank?

In the words of the Thinkers...
“Teen Think Tank is a group of teenagers from the Academy’s Youth Programs tasked with providing feedback [to the institution] and its many programs and partners. We were all selected from previous programs at the Academy. T3 is a small group of youth that came together over feedback, new ideas, and yummy snacks.

“Once every two weeks, an organization or individual pitches an idea to us and we responded with constructive feedback from a teenage perspective. T3 listens to pitches by groups both within and outside the Academy of Sciences, from our very own Science Action Club to the well-known educational provider KQED. T3 then conducts detailed analysis through a group discussion. Our discussions culminated in a large amount of both positive and constructive feedback from each T3 member. The feedback we gave from our unique youth viewpoint was subsequently used to modify the programs that were presented.” —Miquela and Chanun, Fall 2015 Thinkers

The Experience
“I learned that when a group of teenagers come together to give feedback on projects, things can get pretty interesting. Also, our teen voice is valued and very meaningful in the development of educational games, curriculum and activities.”
—Fall 2015 Thinker

“We practiced giving feedback to real presenters from inside and outside of the Academy. These experiences refined our skills as leaders and helped us implant the skills in our brains. T3 will definitely benefit Academy youth by giving them an additional step in the leadership ladder and being an enjoyable and educational experience. I’ll be sure to take those skills with me as I mature as a person.” —Fall 2015 Thinker

“Throughout my time at T3, I sharpened my interactive skills, and learned how to communicate ideas, both critical and positive. T3 also challenged me to think harder and outside the box. Being a leader is a difficult task to tackle, and I thought T3 helped me wrestle that challenge. Interesting ideas come from unlikely sources; in this case, it came from a group of teens.” —Fall 2015 Thinker


To be eligible for the Teen Think Tank, youth must:

  • Have participated in another Academy Youth Program

  • Receive a referral from another Academy youth program

  • Be in 9th - 12th grade

  • Be interested in advising and providing feedback to various Academy initiatives and programs
  • Be able to commit to the scheduled programming dates

How to Apply

Recruitment for the Teen Think Tank program happens three times a year and is based on referrals from other Academy youth programs. Youth must receive an invitation to apply. Sign up for our Youth Programs mailing list to stay informed about all teen opportunities at the Academy, including when program applications open.

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