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Look Who You Might Run Into

Meet the insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals of our living collections.

Creature Closeups Gallery

Pierre the penguin

Get Your Daily Dose of Wonder

For Members
November 23rd at 10:00am

Join us in the Naturalist Center for an exclusive hands-on activity for members only.

For Members
November 23rd at 10:30am

Explore the surface of the Red Planet with stunning images from NASA.

For Members
November 25th at 8:30am

Be one of the first to explore 'Tis the Season for Science, our festive holiday exhibit.

For Kids
November 26th at 9:45am

Hands-on programs for children ages 3-5, presented in the Naturalist Center.

For Adults
December 8th at 7:30pm

On Dec. 8, learn about our search for and discovery of thousands of extra-solar planets.

For Members
December 9th at 6:30pm

Celebrate the holidays with a twist of science!

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    rainbow anthias
    Academy Expeditions

    We go to great depths—nearly 500 feet below the surface—to document biodiversity, including this rainbow anthias (Sacura speciosa).

    2014 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition

Explore our Library of Life

Our research collections include specimens from each of the world’s oceans and all seven continents. Take a peek at some of our oldest, rarest, and most amazing finds.

Specimen Spotlights Gallery


Learn about our current initiatives, and access tools and resources to support your work.