Get ready for the wildest sleepover ever! Tickets sell out quickly, so book your Penguins+Pajamas experience today.

Listen to the evening songs of the rainforest birds, sing “twinkle twinkle” to a sea star at the Discovery Tidepool, and head on over to Tusher African Hall to see how penguins get ready for bed. Become a stargazing guru during an after-hours Planetarium show, then settle in for story time while snacking on cookies and milk.

Roll out your sleeping bag near your favorite exhibit or creature: in front of schools of beautiful Philippine reef fish, next to the swaying kelp of our California Coast tank, or  face-to-face with the albino alligator known as Claude. In the morning, rise and shine with a continental breakfast at the Academy Café.

Sleepover Dates
  • Friday, October 16
  • Friday, November 13

​2016 Sleepover Dates:

  • Friday, January 15, 2016
  • Friday, February 12
  • Saturday, March 12 (Boy Scout Exclusive)
  • Saturday, March 26 (Boy Scout Exclusive)
  • Friday, April 8 (Girl Scout Exclusive)
  • Friday, April 29 (Girl Scout Exclusive)
  • Friday, May 27 
  • Saturday, June 18
What's Included
Sleep in the Steinhart Aqaurium
  • Overnight stay in one of our exhibit areas
  • Live-animal demonstrations
  • Osher Rainforest access until 8 pm
  • Planetarium showings
  • Late-night snack and breakfast
  • Overnight parking in Music Concourse Garage
  • Next day admission to the Academy
Pricing and Eligibility
  • $89 per person for members
  • $109 per person for non-members

Please note: Penguins+Pajamas is a program for children between the ages of 5 and 17; children must be accompanied by a chaperone who is 25 or older. One adult chaperone is required for every group of up to five children, and adults cannot attend unless there is a child in their party. Similarly, no unaccompanied children may participate in a sleepover. Guests between 18 and 24 are welcome, but may not serve as chaperones.

  • Admission to Penguin+Pajama sleepovers begins at 6 pm, and the event ends at 8 am the following day. If you would like to spend the day at the Academy after the Sleepover, you may get your hand stamped and re-enter when the building opens for the day.
  • Osher Rainforest is open until 8 pm, after which it's bedtime for those tropical creatures.
  • Dinner and drinks are available for purchase at the Academy Café from 6–9 pm.
  • Penguins+Pajamas merchandise can be purchased from 7–8 am at the Lab Junior gift shop the morning after your sleepover.
  • The Academy requires a signed Waiver of Liability form for each adult and each child attending a sleepover. For children, the Waiver must be signed by the child’s parent or guardian. The Waiver of Liability must identify the adult who will be responsible for the child during the sleepover. Only original Waivers will be accepted; no faxes or copies. No one can be admitted without a completed Waiver
  • There are no in/out privileges during the sleepover. If you leave the sleepover for any reason before its conclusion, you may re-enter when the Academy re-opens for the day
  • Sleeping areas—African Hall, the Aquarium, and the Lower Swamp—are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Areas may not be reserved
  • Garage parking is included; bring your ticket with you to check in for validation. Please note that there is no overnight street parking (as per Golden Gate Park regulations) and that the garage is not operated by the Academy
  • Smoking is not permitted in or around the Academy (and is prohibited in Golden Gate Park)
  • Event schedule and pricing subject to change without prior notice
Safety Rules

For the enjoyment, safety, and security of your group, other guests, the staff and the animals, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Running, yelling, climbing, or throwing materials of any kind
  • Touching, or attempting to frighten the animals in any manner, including tapping on aquariums or other exhibits
  • Taking anything out of, or putting anything into, the exhibits
  • Using the tanks, and/or windows as writing surfaces (they scratch easily)
  • Bare feet; shoes or soled slippers must be worn at all times
  • Smoking, either in the Academy or Golden Gate Park; including use of smokeless tobacco products
  • Bringing in food or drink, except in connection with dietary restrictions
  • Using cell phones, except in the case of an emergency

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Group Discounts (Penguins + Pajamas)

Group Discounts

Book an unforgettable sleepover for a group of 10 or more inquisitive kids! There must be one adult chaperone (age 25+) for every five children ages 5 to 17. Please note that Penguins+Pajamas is a children's event—adult-only groups are not permitted.

Sleepover Waiver RR item

Joining Us for a Sleepover?

Print out a waiver and bring a signed copy with you when you check in at the event. Remember, everyone attending needs his/her own waiver. See you soon!