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Can't make it to the Academy? We offer a wide breadth of resources that can impact your teaching from afar. Whether you are looking for kits of classroom materials, lesson plans, science videos, distance learning programs, or full courses, the Academy has science teaching resources galore.

Habitat Earth in the Classroom
Habitat Earth HD

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Habitat Earth HD, a special version of our award-winning planetarium show made specifically for educators. The show, which is now free to watch or download online, is complemented by a suite of science-rich media designed specifically for classrooms and informal learning environments.

Lesson Plans

Looking for ideas to spice up your science teaching? Our activity database features full-period lessons to integrate into your normal curriculum, activities to focus your field trip, or ideas for extending the museum visit into the classroom.

Distance Learning
Connect to Classrooms

Can't make it all the way to San Francisco? We now invite groups of students to interact in a live connection with Academy experts, animals, and collections over the internet!

Classroom Kits
Classroom Kits

Borrow a kit full of exciting materials to use in your classroom! Available for preschool though grade 12, kits include lesson plans, games, specimens, books, DVDs, and more. Activities are designed to be fun and engaging while meeting California Science Content Standards.

Online Courses & Guides

Created by Academy educators and scientists, the following are excellent resources for educators interested in improving their own science content knowledge, or finding compelling media assets for use in the classroom.

iTunes U Courses

What are earthquakes? How does the process of science really work? Dive deep into these topics with free courses designed with our partners at KQED and UCMP.


Drawing on the deep knowledge of Academy scientists, educators, and video producers, this seven-part course explains biodiversity and its importance throughout the world.

Educator Exhibit Guides

Explore key concepts to guide your students’ experience on a field trip, or just find out about our scientific research happening behind-the-scenes.

Infographics in the Classroom Toolkit

This toolkit provides ideas, strategies, and resources to help teachers incorporate the study of infographics into middle school and high school science curricula.

Citizen Science Toolkit

How can you easily integrate citizen science into the classroom? First, peruse this diverse selection of activities and projects that you can use as-is or adapt to fit the context of your school site.

Using Media in the Classroom

To help you better understand strategies for integrating media into your teaching, we've crafted model activities that fulfill a variety of purposes.

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