These immersive infographics, data visualizations, and videos make great interactive learning resources for secondary students or science teachers. All come straight from bioGraphic, a multimedia magazine powered by the Academy.


Lens of Time: Spider Seduction


For these jumping spiders, stayin' alive requires all the right dance moves—and the perfect soundtrack, too.

Lens of Time: Corals in Motion


Corals occupy their own time dimension, but if given enough time, they reveal a surprising array of behaviors.

Lens of Time: Slime Lapse


What these single-celled blobs lack in brain power, they make up for with surprisingly complex decision-making.

Lens of Time: Bumper Bees


See how scientists use high-speed videography to investigate—and learn from—the clumsy flight of the bumblebee.

Invisible Nature: The Glowing Squid


The Hawaiian bobtail squid can cruise above its prey without casting a shadow—even on a moonlight night—thanks to its relationship with a bacterial partner.

Lens of Time: Bat Ballet


How do hundreds of thousands of bats emerge from a hole in the ground without traffic jams or (many) casualties?

Interactive Infographics

From Leaf to Landscape

Old vs Mature Leaves; bioGraphic illustration by Jane Kim

A rainforest’s ability to take a deep breath depends on a somewhat surprising factor—the age of its leaves.

The Color of Drought

Visualization by Carnegie Airborne Observatory

In this silent video, view color-coded data which show how California's trees were affected by drought in 2016.

Catching the Rainforest's Breath

Visualization by Ken Ackerman

Ecosystem-wide, is the Amazon storing or releasing more carbon dioxide? Watch this silent clip to view the data.

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