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School Field Trips

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Field trips are available for California students, grades preK-12, attending with their classroom teacher.

Rock Fund Program

Educators teach a class in the new outdoor learning space in Wander Woods.

This program provides San Francisco elementary classes with free educational experiences, and so much more!

Distance Learning

Educator with stuffed penguin

Meet Academy educators online from your home or classroom via interactive livestreams for K-8 students.

Living Worlds for Educators

The planet Earth surrounded by a symbolic firework display.

What forms might life take in the Solar System and beyond? In the Academy’s newest original planetarium show, see how a deeper understanding of Earth might help us locate other living worlds, light years away.

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Flipside Science

Still from a Flipside Science video of a young woman at a garbage dump

This youth-powered series tackles complex environmental topics and empowers viewers to make a difference.

Professional Development

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Dive into science content, engage in effective teaching pedagogy, and develop a sense of how science really works.

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Science Lesson Plans

A smartphone, scissors, and scotch tape atop multicolored construction paper

Find science activities to focus your field trip or lessons to integrate into your yearly curriculum.


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