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Start Science Notebooking!

Strategies for Reflection


Setting aside time for reflection allows your students to recognize their own learning.

Distance Learning Programs for Your Class

Tour of the Night Sky


© Ryan Wick

Have you ever wondered if that shiny star in the sky is actually a planet? On Dec. 19th & 20th students will!

Selected Science Lesson Plans

Sensational Seaweed

giant kelp

© Clinton Bauder

Explore seaweed and learn about this important producer in this hands-on, culinary activity!

Rock Cycle Roundabout


© U.S. Geological Survey

Want to play a board game to learn about rock formation? Explore geologic processes, fast and slow.

Featured Videos from the Science Video Vault

Classroom Kits for Bay Area Teachers

Geology (Grade 2 - 5)

California Geology Kit

Examine rocks and minerals, explore the rock cycle, and trace the mineral resources used in everyday life.

Professional Learning for You

NGSS Demystified

NGSS Demystified Banner

Need help with planning professional development around the Next Generation Science Standards? Look no further.

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