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How Did Plants Change Our Planet?


From vascular to non-vascular, land plants drastically transformed our planet. Go back in time—before dinosaurs—420 million years ago to learn how they performed this feat, with evidence provided along the way.

Learning from Light


How do astronomers use light to understand what stars and planets are made of?

Native American Stories

A Fishing People


The Yurok people and salmon are intertwined in northern California and have been since time immemorial.

Healing a River


The Yurok tribe successfully fought to remove dams on the upper Klamath River, so the salmon have returned!

Selections from Flipside Science

Bugs for Breakfast


Could eating insects be better for the environment than eating other sources of protein, like beef?

A Few Anchoring Phenomena

An Elemental Question


You don't have to look through a telescope to observe star stuff...

A Royale Mystery


On a isolated island in Lake Superior, something mysterious is happening to the animals.  What is going on?

A Tale of Two Birds


Two very different environments.  Two very different birds.  Both are called 'juncos'.  What is going on?

Full Films from our Planetarium



In this free film, you'll follow the paths of asteroids and comets that have collided with Earth.

Selections from our Earthquakes Course

Short Scenes from Habitat Earth

Data Visualizations

Social Studies + Science Connections

Selections from our Biodiversity Course

Live Webcams

Live Penguin Cams

An Academy biologist feeds our colony of African penguins

Watch our colony of playful African penguins waddle, swim, flirt, and nest on three live webcams.

Reef Lagoon Cam


Enjoy ogling the 10+ species of graceful rays and tropical fish in Reef Lagoon—streaming 24/7 via webcam.

Philippine Coral Reef Cam


Be mesmerized by the brilliant colors of tropical fish in our Philippine Coral Reef.

Using Video in the Classroom

Learn the benefit of using videos in the classroom, and browse resources to help you get started.

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