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bioGraphic for Educators

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These immersive infographics, data visualizations, and videos make great interactive learning resources for secondary students or science teachers. All come straight from bioGraphic, a multimedia magazine powered by the Academy.

The Story of Poo


When you flush the toilet, what happens to the pee, poo, and paper? Dive into the SF sewer system to find out!

Selections from Flipside Science

Bugs for Breakfast


Flipside Science explores why eating insects is better for our planet than other sources of protein, like beef.

Full Films from our Planetarium



In this free film, you'll follow the paths of asteroids and comets that have collided with Earth.

Short Scenes from Habitat Earth

Indigenous Perspectives

Two-Eyed Seeing


Why is it important to listen to Indigenous voices as we regenerate the natural world?

Indigenous Skies


Learn why indigenous knowledge is still relevant today and how it can inform modern astronomy.

Selections from our Earthquakes Course

Data Visualizations

Social Studies + Science Connections

Selections from our Biodiversity Course

Live Webcams

Live Penguin Cams

Two African penguins swimming in their habitat at the Academy

Watch our colony of playful African penguins waddle, swim, flirt, and nest on three live webcams.

Reef Lagoon Cam

Underwater photo of cownose ray

Be mesmerized by graceful rays and shimmering tropical fish swimming across your screen 24/7 via live webcam.

Philippine Coral Reef Cam


Be mesmerized by the brilliant colors of tropical fish in our Philippine Coral Reef.

Using Video in the Classroom

Learn the benefit of using videos in the classroom, and browse resources to help you get started.

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