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Featured Videos from the Science Video Vault

Why Protect Pollinators?

Flowering plants depend on pollinators

Pollinators contribute to the biodiversity and resilience of ecosystems and benefit people. Let's protect them!

Environmental Science Units

Exploring Energy

Exploring Energy

In this unit, we’ll explore how people are coming up with innovative energy alternatives for a brighter future.

Our Hungry Planet

Our Hungry Planet

To feed our growing world, we need innovative solutions by the youth of today.

Fresh Solutions

Fresh Solutions

Humans depend on water, and our need for this precious resource is growing alongside our population.

Selected Science Lesson Plans

Measuring Earthquakes


© 2011 SmartFat

By building your own seismograph to document shaking, you'll learn how scientists measure earthquake intensity.

How Big is Big?

snail on ruler

"He's too tiny to measure up." © 2006 Patty O'Hearn Kickham

Practice ratios and create scale models to compare sizes between the largest animals.

From Farms to Phytoplankton

Mississippi River Morganza Spillway satellite image

"Morganza Spillway" © 2011 NASA Earth Observatory

Can we use a model to predict the impacts of nutrient pollutants on an aquatic ecosystem?

Professional Learning for You

NGSS Demystified

NGSS Demystified Banner

Need help with planning professional development around the Next Generation Science Standards? Look no further.

Online Courses for Teachers and Students

Teacher Guide: Earthquakes

Earthquake Wordmark

See ideas for how teachers can use videos, articles, and infographics about Earthquakes in their classroom.

Biodiversity Course

Biodiversity course wordmark

Embark on a virtual expedition around the world in this online course, featuring videos, quizzes, and more.

Online Games and Interactives


Cornucopia game

In this game, students level up the farm with green technology to meet the space and water needs of their crops.

Human Odyssey Map

human odyssey map

Watch humanity's 200,000-year migration using this interactive map of archeological, genetic, and climate data.

Teaching Toolkits

Citizen Science Toolkit

Citizen ScienceToolkit

Find tools and structured opportunities to integrate citizen science into your classroom.

Weekly Educator Enews

Be the first to hear about distance learning programs, upcoming workshops, and new resources for science learning.

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