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Chemistry Explainers

Earth's Delicate Energy Balance


The Moon's surface temperature can alternate between boiling and freezing. What makes the Earth so different?

Environmental Units from Flipside Science

Exploring Energy

Exploring Energy

In this unit, we’ll explore how people are coming up with innovative energy alternatives for a brighter future.

Fresh Solutions

Fresh Solutions

Humans depend on water, and our need for this precious resource is growing alongside our population.

Our Hungry Planet

Our Hungry Planet

To feed our growing world, we need innovative solutions by the youth of today.

Science Films (Originally Planetarium Shows!)

Fragile Planet


Travel to the Moon, Mars, and even beyond the Milky Way to search for habitats that might support life!



In this free film, you'll follow the paths of asteroids and comets that have collided with Earth.

Online Courses for Teachers and Students

Teacher Guide: Earthquakes

Earthquake Wordmark

See ideas for how teachers can use videos, articles, and infographics about Earthquakes in their classroom.

How Science Works

How science works logo UCMP California Academy of Sciences

This course weaves activities, videos, and classroom-ready materials into a primer on the process of science.

Biodiversity Course

Biodiversity course wordmark

Take a virtual expedition with us to investigate the amazing diversity of life on this planet.

Featured Videos from the Science Video Vault

Un Chapulín Crujiente


¿Podría comer insectos mejor para el medio ambiente que comer otras fuentes de proteínas?

Online Interactives and Games

Human Odyssey Map

human odyssey map

Watch humanity's 200,000-year migration using this interactive map of archeological, genetic, and climate data.


Cornucopia game

In this game, students level up the farm with green technology to meet the space and water needs of their crops.

Macro Color


Magnify the surface of a leaf, feather, shell, and more, using our high-resolution imagery.

Selected Science Lesson Plans

Photosynthesis Seen From Space

phytoplankton bloom

©NASA/GSFC/Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team

Observations inspire scientific questions and drive discoveries. Explore seasonal primary productivity on Earth!

Teaching Toolkits

Citizen Science Toolkit

Citizen ScienceToolkit

Find tools and structured opportunities to integrate citizen science into your classroom.

Youth Programs at the Academy

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