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Fullerton Student Grant for Entomologists

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Do you know a teenager or college student with a passion for insects?
Then you should read more about the Fullerton Student Grant, which funds one-year memberships in the Pacific Coast Entomological Society (PCES) for students who have an interest in entomology, arachnology, and related terrestrial arthropods.
(Think: beetles, butterflies, spiders, ticks, flies, millipedes…)

Scarab Beetle

Scarab beetle, Chrysina gloriosa

© California Academy of Sciences
H. Vannoy Davis, 2005

Who can apply for the grant?
This grant is intended for students from high school through graduate level who have never been members of PCES.

How can I apply?
Submit an application for membership from the website, www.pcentsoc.org. Just be sure to indicate that you want to be considered for the Fullerton Student Grant. Please submit proof of full-time school attendance, either a photocopy of your current student card or a letter from your professor or teacher on institutional letterhead. If you are home schooled, please have your parent/teacher write the letter.

Is this a new society?
Not at all! PCES was organized back in 1901. Entomologists need a place to get together to talk. The last meeting was held in Sacramento on November 20, when Frederique Lavoipierre of Sonoma State University spoke about “A World of Insects: Strategies for Effective Entomology Outreach.”

How often do the members of PCES meet? Where do they get together?
The Pacific Coast Entomological Society holds about nine meetings a year, rotating between the California Academy of Sciences, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Davis, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Sacramento. Meetings are held monthly during the academic year (September through May), usually on the third Friday of each month. Meetings start at 8:00 pm, although members often get together at 6:00 pm for a pre-meeting dinner at a nearby restaurant.

I have more questions…
Leave us a comment below. Or, go ahead and send an email to Vincent F. Lee. In addition to working here in the Entomology Department at the California Academy Academy of Sciences, Vince acts as Managing Secretary for the Pacific Coast Entomological Society. He is quite excited to hear from teachers and students interested in learning more!

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