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Explore the Carbon Cycle in 3 Languages!

by megan on Dec. 7th, 2010 No Comments

carbon cycle imagesI’d like to highlight our popular carbon cycle curriculum unit, which includes three complementary activities to engage students with one today’s most pressing scientific issues – climate change. 

To help you tackle this intimidating subject, we’re created a kinesthetic role-playing activity that reinforces the cycling of carbon in the environment.  Surprisingly enough, this content can be addressed as early as elementary school.

As you may have guessed from the heading, all lesson plans, student worksheets, and visual aids associated with this carbon cycle unit are now available in English, Spanish, and Chinese! 

What do you remember about the carbon cycle? Take this quiz as a refresher. Find the answer to each question in the matching lesson – in your language of choice!

Which of the below items contains carbon?

  1. seashell    
  2. pencil       
  3. cup of water         
  4. piece of wood

What Contains Carbon? 
¿Qué contiene carbono?

In a carbon cycle skit, who might say:

“I am giving carbon to marine snails to help build their shells.”

  1. algae        
  2. water        
  3. atmosphere          
  4. caterpillars

Carbon Cycle Roleplay  
Un Juego de Rol del Ciclo del Carbono

When humans create cement for dams, through which part(s) of the Earth does carbon directly cycle?

  1. biosphere 
  2. lithosphere           
  3. atmosphere          
  4. hydrosphere

Carbon Cycle Poster  
Cartel del Ciclo del Carbono

So, how did you do? ^_^

Be sure to share other great resources that you have used to teach this topic!

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