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Science + Tech Workshop Series for K-5 Educators

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A Walk Down Sensory Lane : Science + Media Tech Workshop Series 2013

Slow down. Look, listen, and smell the world around you. Join KQED this summer for a K-5 educator series on integrating outdoor learning, technology and using our senses to help inform us about our world. Explore ways to engage students more deeply to connect with nature in their own local place.

Learn how to use a sound recorder and camera to record, document, and archive sounds, smells, and sights. Share the information with students by mapping data or creating a slideshow. The skills you learn in the series can be applied to other types of audio and visual mapping multimedia projects for the classroom.

Check out the different sensory offering this summer:

  • Smellscapes July 8, 10, and 12 in San Francisco from 9 to noon
  • Soundscapes July 17 – 19 in San Francisco from 9 to noon
  • Soundscapes July 22 – 24 in Contra Costa County from 9 to noon
  • Photoscapes/Patterns in Nature August 5, 8, and 9 in San Francisco from 9 to noon

Read more here or register here

You will be notified by e-mail for confirmation of workshop series. 8 – 10 spaces per series.

For questions, please e-mail Nancy Yamamoto.

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