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Last Chance to See the 3D Astronomy Show!

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Book your trip by visiting www.calacademy.org/teachers/fieldtrips

Our new 3D astronomy show for high school classes, Our Evolving Solar System, will be on hiatus beginning in March of 2014. We urge you to take advantage of this last opportunity to experience our program designed especially in support of the astronomy curriculum for high schools!

This original, live presentation uses dynamic stereoscopic imagery to explore the life and death of stars and planets. We discuss the processes that lead some stars to explode as supernovae in a few million years, while other stars can live for a trillion years. What is the fate of our own star, the Sun? And how did it, and its system of planets, come to be?

AsteroidsTo answer that question, you’ll travel back in time over 4 billion years to witness the origins of our solar system.

Supercomputers were used to model in three dimensions the birth of the sun and planets in a gigantic spinning disk of dust and gas. The debris from which we formed had a profound effect on the early solar system, and the residue of that violent history remains, scattered between and beyond the planets – fellow travelers with us in our solar system’s passage through space and time.

Understanding the motions of these objects is a story that reaches back centuries, to the discoveries of Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton.

In fact, the story of the evolution of stars and planets is still being pieced together, as we discover ever-more planetary systems around other stars. How will that change our understanding of the past – and the future – of our own solar system? Come with us and see!

Our Evolving Solar System is presented by our planetarium educators in the Forum Theater on Thursday mornings at 9:45 AM. Reservations are available for groups of up to 130 guests through February 2014.

Book your trip by visiting www.calacademy.org/teachers/fieldtrips

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