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Careers in Science Program 

The Careers in Science Intern Program (CiS) is a multi-year, year-round work-based youth development program for young people from groups typically under-represented in the sciences.

About the Program

CiS intern using microscope at the California Academy of Sciences

Created in 1996, the Careers in Science Intern Program provides San Francisco youth from communities traditionally underrepresented in the sciences with opportunities to immerse themselves in the natural world, develop life and job skills, receive college and career mentorship, and learn science and sustainability concepts in an authentic, paid work environment. The program provides hands-on science and youth development experiences both in the Academy and out in the field, as well as exposes interns to professional role models and mentors that are leaders in their field.

The program strives to increase the diversity of the scientific community and change the common perception that science is only for the elite. Therefore the program’s primary target are youth who have the interest and spark in science, who are motivated and able to fulfill the expected time and commitment, but for whom the program would provide the critical difference in pursuing a higher education degree and career in science, engineering, math and technology. The program’s alumni have gone on to earn degrees in Biology, Environmental Science, Engineering, Geology, Public Health and many others. We encourage San Francisco youth that are interested and to learn more about the CiS Program below and apply to be part of our scientific community.

The Experience

CiS interns and penguin feeding at the California Academy of Sciences

Interns primarily work at our amazing new facility in Golden Gate Park (with the best view in the building!), and occasionally attend off-site events and field trips. Primary activities include:

  • Learning about science at trainings, lectures, workshops, and conferences
  • Teaching science to the Academy's audiences
  • Conducting scientific work with Academy scientists and in field studies
  • Having fun while working with people from diverse backgrounds

Interested in becoming a Careers in Science Intern?

CiS interns teaching child in the Naturalist Center at the California Academy of Sciences

Have you ever watched a Red-tailed Hawk soar in the sky? Noticed a bumbling beetle amble across a field? Searched for sand crabs at the beach? Been fascinated by the shape of a leaf or what kind of life lived long ago? Have you ever wanted to learn how you could have a career trying to understand how life evolved, or how to protect it for the future? Have you ever wanted to meet science professionals from around the world? Have you ever wondered?

If you share a curiosity for the natural world, from the plants to planets, worms to snakes and everything in between, you should think about becoming a Careers in Science intern.

Recruitment for the Careers in Science program happens once a year in the spring. Applications are released sometime in February, with a deadline before the end of March. Applicants go through a series of interviews to make ensure a good fit and commitment to the program.

Recruitment for the 2014–2015 program year opens March 1 and closes April 6; please click here to apply to Careers in Science.


Interns inspecting reptile

In order to be eligible and apply for the Careers in Science program, applicants must:

  • Attend an accredited school in San Francisco (greater consideration given to SFUSD students)
  • Currently be in 9th or 10th grade and enrolled full-time
  • Be able to obtain a valid work permit (US citizens and others authorized to work in the US)
  • Be able to commit to all the attendance requirements of the program, including trainings, after-school, weekend and summer work, on a year-round, multi-year basis
  • Be able to reach the Academy in Golden Gate Park for their work shift
  • Demonstrate interest in and enthusiasm for learning about science, teaching science to different audiences and conducting science

More specific requirements, including specific times and dates, can be found on the application when it is available.


CiS interns in front of aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences

For more information please contact:

Neal Ramus

(415) 379-5109

California Academy of Sciences
Golden Gate Park
55 Music Concourse Dr.
San Francisco, CA 94118

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More Information


Neal Ramus

(415) 379-5109

Interns Learning
to be Scientists


Here is a video created by Careers in Science interns displayed on the museum floor. Interns shared what it was like learning to be scientists!

Evolution Statement


View CiS video about the development of the Academy’s Evolution Statement.

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 Fall 2009 [248k]
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 Winter 2007 [1.3mb]
 Fall 2007 [372k]
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