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Want to know where the Academy is going—and where we’ve been? Start exploring: Learn how our chief stewards see the future in their Welcome Letter. Discover Perspectives from members of the Academy’s extended family and meet the partners that make it all possible, including our Donors, Fellows, and Leadership. And see how we are sustaining the Academy for adventures ahead with a look at our Financials.

Welcome Letter

John C. Atwater


Dr. Gregory C. Farrington

Executive Director,
William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball Chair

Each of us encounters the natural world in different ways – through the wonder of childhood or the intellect of scientists; under a microscope or on a planetarium dome; deep in a Madagascar rainforest in our own backyard.

At the California Academy of Sciences, we offer unique perspectives on the nature and future of life on Earth through our distinctive combination of engaging public-floor exhibits, education programs, explorations by citizen-scientists and Ph.D. scientists, award-winning digital productions and a growing array of online channels that share the Academy with the world. Through these lenses on life, one view comes into sharp focus: there simply is more wonder in nature than any of us can comprehend, and even after centuries of exploration, we have barely begun to understand the awesome mystery and diversity of life on Earth.

The mission of the Academy – to explore, explain, and sustain life – is more fascinating and urgent than ever. We've come a long way since moving into our reinvented Golden Gate Park home – a home built to deliver the message that sustaining life on Earth is everyone's responsibility. In the years ahead, the Academy will take that message to an ever wider audience, within and beyond Academy walls, through some of the most innovative and accessible science programming and outreach on the planet.

As Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Executive Director of the Academy, we both are deeply honored to steward a vision that will define this institution long beyond our time as its leaders. This summer, Greg will retire from the global enterprise he did so much to set in motion and the Academy will welcome a new exective director. Thanks to your support for the mission we share with you, our new leader will inherit an Academy poised to explore nature and engage visitors – in Golden Gate Park and worldwide – for generations to come.

Marc Leviste

On how the Academy is helping him save Philippine reefs

Marc Leviste is Vice Governor of Batangas Province in the Philippines. In 2013, the Batangas provincial legislature voted unanimously to create a Coastal Ecosystems Development Plan in order to protect their vital marine habitats and asked the Academy to help guide these efforts.

Conservation in the Philippines

The Philippines have been an important site of Academy research and community outreach for more than a century. And although Academy scientists have discovered and described hundreds of new species in this hottest of biodiversity hotspots, they’ve barely scratched the surface: on every visit, including a recent expedition of unprecedented scale made possible through the generosity of Margaret and Will Hearst, the Academy found dozens of new species. Understanding and protecting diverse and threatened life isn’t the only outcome. Academy educators work with teachers, groups, and museums in the Philippines to share research findings, raising awareness of the value of this unique environment and its benefits to local communities. The Academy’s work focuses on coral reef and mangrove ecosystems that support hundreds of thousands of local families and protect coastal communities against hurricanes and typhoons.

Randi Fisher

On the importance of improving global environmental literacy

Academy Trustee Randi Fisher is a dedicated advocate for the planet. In addition to her service to the Academy, she also serves as Trustee of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and has played leadership roles in a variety of other nonprofit organizations advancing environmental literacy.

Reaching Global Audiences

With its renowned global research, enlightening education programs, eye-opening exhibits, and many distinctive features – coral reef, indoor rainforest, living roof – the Academy is so much more than a building. It’s a destination for discovery. And it is increasingly becoming not just a physical destination but a virtual one, thanks to a gift from the Pisces Foundation, an environmental philanthropy co-founded by Academy Trustee Randi Fisher. This generous gift is fueling a departure from museum tradition that will extend the Academy’s reach far beyond San Francisco. Innovative new online learning initiatives; productions by the Academy’s award-winning planetarium distributed to domes and universities around the world; engaging science content translated into several languages; “Science Today” videos and stories shared through diverse digital media outlets—these are just a few global initiatives that are turning the Academy into a museum without walls, a resource not just for Bay Area audiences but for science enthusiasts around the world.

Maya Walton

On the lasting impact of her Careers in Science experience

Former Academy Careers in Science intern Maya Walton is a graduate student in the Zoology Department at the University of Hawaii. Her first scientific paper, about future climate change scenarios, was published in the journal Nature in October 2013 and was covered in The New York Times.

Careers in Science Internships

What does it take to make a scientist? Inspiration, education, experience, confidence – and opportunity. With generous support from a number of donors, including San Francisco’s Department of Children, Youth & Their Families and Wells Fargo Foundation, the Academy’s Careers in Science program provides them all, with an emphasis on opportunity for young women and minority students, who are traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. Recruited primarily from San Francisco public high schools, interns receive immersive training in science and sustainability concepts, engage in lab and field study, collaborate on team projects, and teach on the Academy’s public floor. Their mentors – working Academy scientists and educators – coach interns as they consider college and career. Learning in a paid work environment, interns develop career skills and confidence through a program that isn’t just changing young lives; it’s shaping the next generation of scientists.

Elizabeth Blackburn

On the curiosity nurtured by a field trip to the Academy

Academy Fellow and Trustee Elizabeth Blackburn is the Morris Herzstein Professor of Biology and Physiology in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco. In 2009, she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering how telomeres and the enzyme telomerase protect chromosomes.

School Field Trips

If you remember your first encounter with the Academy, you are in good company. For many young visitors, a school field trip is an unforgettable first encounter with science and the wonders of the natural world. And it can transform youthful curiosity into a lifelong interest in sustaining life on Earth. In 2013, the Academy’s School and Youth Field Trips program engaged 150,000 young people, grades pre-K through 12, with real-life science through eye-opening Academy exhibits, hands-on laboratory experiences, and immersive planetarium shows. Back in the classroom, Academy online resources helped teachers extend the learning. The Academy also piloted a virtual field trip program in 2013, allowing students in the Sierra foothills and beyond to experience the Academy through live streaming video. Thanks to Academy friends like E. Richard Jones Family Foundation and The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, this extremely successful program will reach even more schools in 2014.

Mollie Cueva-Dabkoski

On what inspired her to pursue a future in science

Mollie Cueva-Dabkoski, a 2013 graduate of the Academy’s Student Science Fellows program, is a science undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University. She’s working on her first scientific paper, with Academy entomologist Dave Kavanaugh, describing a new species of beetle. Learn more.

Student Science Fellows

The journey from curious kid to working scientist can be challenging. Through a variety of integrated programs, the Academy is committed to blazing a pathway that lets budding scientists pursue an evolving passion. Designed for young people who show strong science aptitude and a serious commitment, the Student Science Fellows program combines immersive training in all aspects of research – lab and field work, data analysis, computational work, sharing results – with personal coaching and the opportunity to be part of an active museum community. In their first year, fellows are matched with an Academy mentor working in their area of interest. The next year, fellows launch their own research projects. Inspiring lectures, team-building activities, and skill-building workshops round out the experience, made possible by Brewster Kahle and Mary Austin and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Andrea Williams

On the value of surveys conducted by citizen scientists

Andrea Williams is a plant ecologist at the Marin Municipal Water District. She is actively involved in the Academy’s citizen science project at Mt. Tamalpais, where she is helping to shape watershed management plans.

Citizen Science

Combine a love of the natural world with an understanding of science. Then translate both into action, and you have one of the most powerful conservation forces on the planet: a science-empowered citizen. Through the Academy’s citizen science program, amateur scientists have the unique opportunity to participate in authentic biodiversity research. In 2013, the program mobilized 245 citizen scientists to document plant life at Mt. Tamalpais and intertidal invertebrates at Pillar Point Harbor. Both projects, in partnership with the Marin Municipal Water District and Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary respectively, document shifts that may correlate to climate change, introduced species, and habitat loss. In addition to building the science- and eco-literacy of participants, continuing citizen science projects provide a baseline-in-time for biodiversity work that will guide conservation and policy into the future.

Don Johanson

On the appeal of the new Human Odyssey exhibit

Paleontologist and Academy Fellow Don Johanson is founding director of the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University. In 1974, working in Ethiopia, he discovered the famous hominid australopithecine fossil known as Lucy.

Human Odyssey Exhibit

With its commitment to exploring the nature and future of life on our planet, the Academy unearths and shares new discoveries about the origins of human life. Anthropologist Zeray Alemseged has made some of his field’s most important recent finds, including Selam, the well-preserved fossilized remains of an Australopithecus afarensis child. Zeray also uncovered the earliest evidence to date of tool use by humans. In 2013, he published findings, based on carbon isotope data from early human teeth, that revealed a dramatic shift in our ancestors’ diets some 3.5 million years ago. Thanks to support from the Tusher family, Zeray’s fascinating findings are showcased in the interactive exhibit Human Odyssey, a dramatic new addition to Tusher African Hall, where visitors can explore milestones in human evolution.

Russ Mittermeier

On the importance of documenting biodiversity

A renowned expert in the biodiversity of Madagascar, Russ Mittermeier is Chief Executive Officer of Conservation International. Often described as the Indiana Jones of conservation, he is the only working field biologist at the head of a major international environmental organization.

Impact in Madagascar

When it comes to the diversity of life on Earth, studying small things is essential to understanding the big picture. In Madagascar, one of the world’s most unique and threatened biodiversity hotspots, Academy scientists are studying some of the island’s smaller life forms – including insects – to create a more accurate picture of biodiversity on which to base future conservation decisions. Over the past 15 years, Academy entomologists, botanists, herpetologists, and invertebrate zoologists have identified more than a thousand new species from the island and its surrounding waters. With partners, they have collaborated on comprehensive biodiversity maps that will guide conservation organizations and Madagascan government officials in their work toward a sustainable future for all of the island's inhabitants, including humans.

Susan and Bill Oberndorf

On their support for the Academy’s Patterson Scholars

Bill Oberndorf was one of three founding partners, including former Academy Board Chair Bill Patterson, in investment firm SPO Partners. With a generous gift in memory of their friend and colleague, Bill and his wife Susan Oberndorf – an Academy Trustee – founded the Patterson Scholars in Science and Sustainability.

Patterson Scholars

Bill Patterson didn’t just believe in science. He believed in the scientist in each of us – from kids, naturally curious about the world; to researchers, professionally dedicated to answering urgent questions; to adults of all ages, responsible for stewarding the planet. Most important, Bill believed in the Academy, with its team of active science heroes, as a place uniquely equipped to inspire and empower the scientist within. Thanks to Susan and Bill Oberndorf, the vision Bill Patterson embraced as Board Chair continues to shape the Academy’s future. In 2013, renowned entomologist Brian Fisher became the Academy’s first Patterson Scholar in Science and Sustainability, a chair generously endowed by the Oberndorfs. Fisher’s discoveries about the world of ants enhance our understanding of biodiversity, fascinate Academy visitors, and open minds to a deeper understanding of Earth’s life forms – achievements Bill Patterson would applaud.

Luis Valentino

On the resources that his teachers find invaluable

Luis Valentino is Associate Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer for San Francisco Unified School District. His district is the seventh largest in California, educating more than 55,000 students each year.

Teacher Training Programs

National and international surveys in recent years show American students in dire need of effective science education, and that need is particularly profound in California elementary schools. The Academy is dedicated to narrowing the science – learning gap, and teachers are an important part of the solution. In 2013, the Academy’s Teacher Education program offered 20 unique workshops in the natural sciences, covering everything from coral reef ecology to astronomy and bridging science, art, and literacy. Sold-out summer sessions explored Next Generation Science Standards. The Academy’s most intensive professional development program for educators—a two year offering through the Teacher Institute on Science and Sustainability works with teams of teachers recruited from San Francisco Unified School District and other Bay Area schools to raise science and sustainability literacy in grades 3-5. Generous support from donors such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Union Bank Foundation and an anonymous donor make it all possible.


Every gift enables the Academy to open eyes and minds to the natural world and the role we all can play in sustaining it. Generous supporters make new perspectives possible and inspire our great gratitude.

This list represents donors who made gifts between January 1
and December 31, 2013 including gifts to the building campaign.

Government Grants

  • City and County of San Francisco

    • Steinhart Aquarium
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services

    • National Leadership Grant
  • National Institutes of Health

    • Biodefense and Infectious Diseases
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

    • Curation of Biological Specimens and Historic Photographs Collected at Cordell Bank
    • Enhancing Response and Data Collection from Dead Stranded Marine Mammals in Northern California
    • Identification and Curation of Alaskan Invertebrates
    • Identify Invertebrate Colonization of Pmel Moorings in Alaskan Waters
    • Improving Staff and Volunteer Qualifications in order to Enhance Response and Data Collection from Dead Stranded Marine Mammals in Northern California
    • Rocky Reef Interpretation and Restoration Program
    • The Worldview Network: Ecological Literacy Programming for Digital Planetariums & Beyond
  • National Science Foundation

    • ARRA – Collaborative Research: Ants of the Southwest Indian Ocean
    • Assessing Phylogeny and Biogeography in a Mega-diverse Tropical Plant Family (Melastomataceae)
    • Catalog of Fishes: 2.1 Prep Comm. Participation
    • Collaborative Research: Biotic Surveys of Central Saharan Oases
    • Collaborative Research: Cal Bug, An Interactive Database Using Arthropods to Examine Impacts of Climate & Habitat Modification
    • Collaborative Research: CSBR: Natural History Collections: Geoconferencing US Fish Collections: A Community-Based Model to Geoconferencing Natural History Collections
    • CSBR: Natural History Collections: Liquid Nitrogen Facilities for Biological Specimen Curation
    • Global Names Architecture
    • Harnessing the Power of Herbaria to Understand the Changing Flora of CA
    • Integrating Multidisciplinary Tools to Study Plio-Pleistocene Paleoecology of Early Hominids from the Omo Valley, Ethiopia
    • Phylogeography in Madagascar
    • PBI: Collaborative Research: The Megadiverse, Microdistributed Spider Family Oonopidae
    • REU Summer Systematics Institute of California Academy of Sciences
    • REVSYS Collaborative Research: Relationships, Character Evolution, and Biogeographic Patterns in the Phylogenetically Pivotal Lineage
  • The Presidio Trust

    • Biotic Survey-Project Statement Extension
  • San Francisco Department of Children, Youth & Their Families

    • Careers in Science



  • Diana Nelson and John Atwater
  • Susan and William Oberndorf
  • Wendy and Eric Schmidt
  • $500,000 - $999,999

  • Penny and James George Coulter
  • Karen and Edward Gilhuly
  • Margaret and William Hearst III
  • Elizabeth R. Patterson
  • $250,000 - $499,999

  • John H. N. Fisher and Jennifer Caldwell
  • Emilie Munger Ogden and Douglas Ogden
  • Eva and Bill Price
  • $100,000 - $249,999

  • Mary Ann and Samuel Aronson
  • Janice and Matthew Barger
  • Betsy and Peter Chung
  • Leslie and Troy Daniels
  • Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund
  • Peter and Laura Fenton
  • John H. N. Fisher and Jennifer Caldwell
  • Sakurako and William Fisher, through the Sakana Foundation
  • Shirley and Harry Hagey
  • Julia Wong and Roger Kuo
  • Betsy and Ed McDermott
  • Tamra and Kurt Mobley
  • Carrie and Greg Penner through the Walton Family Foundation
  • Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum
  • Helen and Charles Schwab
  • Regina Kulik-Scully and John Scully
  • Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor
  • Mary and Jerome C. Vascellaro
  • $50,000 - $99,999

  • Anonymous
  • Bianca and James Alexander
  • Winifred and W. Richard Bingham
  • Shawn and Brook Byers
  • Stasia Obremskey and Dan Carroll
  • Buff and Jerry Corsi
  • Kate and William Duhamel
  • Doris Fisher
  • Ishiyama Foundation in honor of John and Pam McCosker
  • Ann and Charles Johnson
  • Barbera Brooks and Henrik Jones
  • Gretchen and Howard Leach
  • Jeannik M. Littlefield
  • Leslie Berriman and Nion T. McEvoy
  • Katherine and Kurt Simon
  • Helen and Richard Spalding
  • Wendy and Richard Yorke
  • $25,000 - $49,999

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Martha and Bruce Atwater through the Prospect Creek Foundation
  • Joan and Peter Avenali
  • Barbara and Gerson Bakar
  • Susie and Riley Bechtel
  • William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
  • Alison and Owen Brown
  • Barbara and Roger Brown
  • Susie Tompkins Buell and Mark Buell
  • Carol and Lyman Casey
  • Drusilla and Jim Davis
  • Ann and L. John Doerr
  • Dana and Bob Emery
  • Cynthia and John Gunn
  • Mimi Haas
  • Mary Austin and Brewster Kahle
  • Laura and Michael Lazarus
  • Sharon Long
  • Park Loughlin
  • Julie and Ian McGuire
  • Janet and Thomas McKinley
  • Mary and Gary Pinkus
  • Gail and Carmen Policy
  • Lisa and John Pritzker
  • Sarah and J. Stuart Ryan
  • Susan Swig
  • Onnolee and Orlin Trapp
  • Marcia and Harold Wagner
  • Bob and Judy Waterman
  • Leigha and Eli Weinberg
  • $10,000 - $24,999

  • Anonymous (6)
  • Daphne and Dick Bertero
  • Gay-Lynn and Robert Blanding
  • Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
  • Ellen Brown
  • Hamilton Budge
  • Donovan Ching
  • Fannie Allen and George W. Cogan
  • Carolyn Klebanoff and Fred Cohen
  • Martha Ehmann Conte and Children
  • Simone and Tench Coxe
  • Lauren and Alan Dachs
  • Helen and Rajnikant Desai
  • Daphne and Mike Dickson
  • Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund
  • Sonia and Daniel Elkes
  • Judith Estrin
  • Marion Euphrat
  • Laura and John Fisher
  • Janie and Donald Friend
  • Michelle and Robert Friend
  • Elizabeth Pang Fullerton and Richard Fullerton
  • Sallie Griffith
  • Ruth and Ben Hammett
  • Terrie Campbell and James Henderson
  • Ingrid von Mangoldt Hills
  • Hitz Foundation
  • Bradley and Christopher James
  • Amy Cunningham-Bussel and Tyler Janovitz
  • Beth and Oliver Jenkyn
  • Lucille Jewett
  • Kristine Johnson and Tim Dattels
  • E. Richard Jones Family Foundation
  • The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Foundation
  • Gretchen B. Kimball
  • Meridee Moore and Kevin King
  • Mimi and Dan Kingsley
  • Judge Quentin L. Kopp and Mara S. Kopp; Shepard S. Kopp II, Bradley J. Kopp, and Jennifer E. Kopp Putnam
  • Wendy W. Kwok
  • Fred M. Levin and Nancy Livingston, The Shenson Foundation
  • Clement Lewin
  • Matthew Lewin
  • Marie and Barry Lipman
  • Chris and Stan Mattison
  • Ian McNish
  • Nancy and George Montgomery, Jr.
  • Betty and Gordon Moore
  • Paula and John Murphy
  • The Peter and Kristan Norvig Family Fund, an advised fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Angela Nomellini and Kenneth Olivier
  • Diane Ososke
  • Julie and William Parish
  • Marianne H. Peterson
  • Linnea and George Roberts
  • Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock
  • Carol and Ned Spieker
  • Melanie and Tom Staggs
  • Dr. Joan E. Steinberg
  • Pasha and Laney Thornton
  • Pauline and Tom Tusher
  • Virginia and Gregory Tusher
  • Nancy and Sidney Unobskey
  • Summer and Brooks Walker III
  • Lia and James Whitehead
  • Diane B. Wilsey
  • Mary and Harold Zlot
  • $5,000 - $9.999

  • Anonymous
  • Linda and Andrew Ach
  • Gibson Anderson
  • Richard C. Barker
  • Olive Bavins
  • Cynthia Hill and Steven Beckendorf
  • Lance Berc
  • Stephen Brady
  • Nancy Spero and Norman Brand
  • Kelly and Samuel Bronfman
  • Victoire Reynal Brown and Owsley Brown
  • C.P. Burke
  • Dan and Stacey Case Family Foundation
  • Sandraline Cederwall and Dr. Stephen M. Barrager
  • Nancy Kedzierski and Gordon Chaffee
  • Ray and Lori Kulvin Crawford
  • Vicki and Jeff Edwards
  • Mary Escalle
  • Robin Gates
  • Louise and Mark Gaumond
  • Goodall Family Charitable Foundation
  • Robert Greeley
  • Johnnie and John Hafernik
  • Roderick Hall
  • Carol and John Hamilton
  • Janet M. Harris
  • Helen and Robert Heller
  • Sarah and Jordan Hymowitz
  • Maryellie and Rupert Johnson
  • Roslyn and Donald Kahn
  • Sylvia Karchmar
  • Alison and Arthur Kern
  • Cliff Kernohan
  • Christine and Eugene Kim
  • Kathryn Kelly and Thomas Klein
  • Erika Mayo and Kerry Konrad
  • Lois Lippincott
  • Thomas Lippman
  • Adrienne Zihlman and Jerold Lowenstein
  • Richard McGuire
  • Kathryn McNeil
  • Celeste and Anthony Meier
  • Vera and Ken Meislin
  • Steven Merrill
  • Jancy Rickman and William Michaely
  • Keira and Charlie Muller
  • Eleanor Najjar
  • Daniel Norris
  • Rozell and Peter Overmire
  • Grace and Roland Perkins
  • Gina and Stuart Peterson
  • Julie and Joseph Ratner
  • Mary and MacGregor Read
  • Jeanne and Sanford Robertson
  • Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
  • Caroline Damsky and Peter Sargent
  • Andrea Schultz
  • Patricia Scott and David Tirrell
  • James Shevock
  • Carla Emil and Richard Silverstein
  • Amanda and Chris Smith
  • Kim Summers-Silva
  • Catherine and Michael Topham
  • Lois and Melvin Tukman
  • Susan and David Tunnell
  • Lindsey Walker
  • John Weeden
  • Verna White
  • Sara and Evan Williams
  • Margaret and Martin Zankel
  • $2,500 - $4,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Betty and Bruce Alberts
  • Joy and Jonathan Alferness
  • Mary Beth and Frank Almeda
  • Gregory Anderson
  • James Bancroft
  • Johanna and Thomas Baruch
  • Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
  • Sabrina Buell and Yves Behar
  • Michael J. Bennett
  • Riva and David Berelson
  • Lynn Feintech and Anthony Bernhardt
  • Loraine and Robert Berry
  • Sandra and Paul Bessieres
  • Susan and Frederick Bianucci
  • Olivia Sears and Craig Bicknell
  • Phyllis and Sidney Blair
  • Jennifer Hamilton and Seth Boro
  • Terry Gamble Boyer and Peter Boyer
  • Josephine Brownback
  • Gay Callan
  • Andrea LoPinto and Robert Carr
  • Jeanie and Michael Casey
  • Kay Cassens
  • Julie Chaiken
  • Rachael and Geoffrey Clarke
  • Joanna and Stanley Cohen
  • Susan Coleman
  • LaVaughn and Theodore Craig
  • In honor of Randi Fisher from the Crane Family
  • Edith and William Dagley
  • Michele Dana
  • Julia and Jim Davidson
  • Pilar and Paul Davies, III
  • Shandy Hauk and Mark Davis
  • Betsy and Donald Dixon
  • Isabelle Dokouzian
  • Phyllis and William Draper
  • Helene Ettelson
  • Joan and Evan Evans, III
  • Melinda Ellis Evers and William Evers
  • Sandra Donnell and Justin Faggioli
  • Mary and Tom Foote
  • Cheryl Frank
  • Helen and Kellie Gan
  • Shelby and Frederick Gans
  • Lisa and Douglas Goldman
  • Marcia and John Goldman
  • Susan Valeriote and Ken Goldman
  • Susan Gray
  • Cynthia Grubb
  • Jane and Jonathan Wyatt Gruber
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  • Susan and Richard Hare
  • Marilyn and Rennick Harris
  • Lia and Guy Haskin Fernald
  • Katherine Fines and Henry Heines
  • Russell and Sara Hirsch
  • Kristin Hite
  • Jeanne Hittell
  • Leslie and George Hume
  • Dorothy Hyde
  • Diane Ichiyasu
  • Liz Hume and Jay Jacobs
  • Betty K. Jensen
  • Zem and James Joaquin
  • Sean Johnston
  • Stanley H. Judd
  • Susie Langdon and Sidney Kass
  • Donna and Don Kelleher
  • Melissa and Scott Kepner
  • Melissa and Jan Koerner
  • Jennifer Bennett and Ben Kolada
  • Linda Griffith and Paul Korntheuer
  • Martha Kropf
  • Jeanne and Bill Landreth
  • Randall Laroche and David Laudon
  • Rebecca and Alfred Lin
  • Sandra and Ronald Linder
  • Mimi and Charles Lowrey
  • Bridgett Luther
  • Leslie MacDonald
  • Kristin and David Macknight
  • Gail Enfiajian and William May
  • Charlotte and John McConkie
  • Mary and Walter McCullough
  • The McElwee Family
  • Patricia McEveney
  • Janet McKinley
  • Leslie and John McQuown
  • Jessica and Jason Moment
  • Diane L. Morris
  • Peggy and Fred Munich
  • John Nelson
  • Virginia and Alan Pabst
  • Gary Demyen and Leslie Partridge
  • Janet and Norman Pease
  • Vicki Friedberg and William Pollock
  • Kendra and Erik Ragatz
  • Ursula Ralph
  • Laureen and Robert Schiller
  • Raphael Schwartz
  • Ruth Seiler
  • Alice Ann and Wayne Settle
  • Horton Shapiro
  • Clare Wheeler Sias and Roane Sias
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  • Colleen and John Silcox
  • Smita Singh
  • Joyce and Jim Smith
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  • Judith and Jerry Steenhoven
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  • Anne Fung and Jeffrey Sternberg
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  • Catherine and Edward Topham
  • Michele Lamarre and Brent Townshend
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  • Leslie and Harvey Wagner
  • Danielle and Brooks Walker, Jr.
  • Lynn and Peter Wendell
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  • Sheila and Jerry Wroblewski
  • Ruth and Roger Wu
  • Letitia Yang
  • Vonceil Chun Yara and Scott Yara
  • Jean Phillips and Edward Zuk
  • $1,000 - $2,499

  • Anonymous (12)
  • Marcus Aaron
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  • Mabel and Daniel Abellera
  • Michel and Avelina Accad
  • F. Ward Ackerman
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  • Heidi Castelein
  • Frank Caufield
  • Susan Austin and Michael Charlson
  • Ruth Cox and Milton Chen
  • Mei and Herald Chen
  • Christine and Kevin Chessen
  • Sylvia and David Chick
  • Mayme Chinn
  • Jennifer Chrisman
  • Pia Deleon-Chuang and William Chuang
  • Katherine Harbin and Adam Clammer
  • Jillian and Donald Clark
  • Kristi and David Clover
  • Annelle Clute
  • Lisa Erburu and Mark Cocalis
  • Cara Colgate and Chris Conley
  • Nancy and Edward Conner
  • Jean Conner
  • Fernando Aguayo-Garcia and Jason Conyard
  • Bill Cope
  • Maria Cranor
  • Mary Lou and Hartley Cravens
  • Dodie and Peter Crawford
  • Larissa Roesch and Jason Crethar
  • Lucinda and Charles Crocker
  • Deborah and Charles Cronce
  • Annie Cronin
  • Barbara and Michael Cronin
  • Rosario and Antonio Cucalon
  • Holly and Michael Cuggino
  • Christina Sinohui and Michael Dahlman
  • Arville and Bert Damner
  • Natalie Dana
  • Paula and Thomas Daniel
  • Kirby Walker and Paul Danielsen
  • Sonja and Bill Davidow
  • Ali Long and Keith Davis
  • Stephen Davis Family
  • Juliet de Baubigny
  • Nina and Casper De Clercq
  • Brenda Buonaiuto and David De Jesus
  • Donna De Santis Buoymaster
  • Cathy and Sandy Dean
  • Tina and Ronald DeCloux
  • Courtney and Owen Dehoff
  • Joan and Allen Dekelboum
  • Dorian DeMaio
  • Lauren and Alan Denenberg
  • H. Louis Detjen, Jr.
  • Katherine August-DeWilde and David DeWilde
  • Sargun Dhillon
  • Mary Ann and Charles Dietrich
  • Sarah and Jason DiLullo
  • Pamela and Steven Dinkelspiel
  • Thao and Jerome Dodson
  • Kristin Klein and William Donahoe
  • Carol Donohoe
  • Jean Ann and James Douglas
  • Cara and Scott Douglass
  • Lee and Daniel Drake
  • Jennifer and Matias Duarte
  • Joyce Dubay
  • Mikila and Connor Duke
  • Sherry Dumke
  • Douglas Durkin
  • Jennifer Lively and Eric Edmondson
  • Jessica and Michael Eisler
  • Anna Zara and Robert English
  • Charlotte and David Epstein
  • Sarah and David Epstein
  • Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
  • Stephanie Evans
  • Catherine Tai and Sharif Ezzat
  • Richard Faggioli
  • Elizabeth and Jeffrey Faraday
  • Jean and Gregory Farrington
  • Concepción and Irwin Federman
  • Melissa and Andrew Felder
  • Karin Fetherston
  • Marsha Cohen and Robert Feyer
  • Camilla and Matt Field
  • April and Robert Filer
  • Jeanne and Frank Fischer
  • Courtney Benoist and Jason Fish
  • Linda Jo Fitz
  • Francoise Fleishhacker
  • Astrid and James Flood
  • Jennifer Fonstad
  • Marilyn and William Forni
  • Wendy and William Fox
  • Nancy Mueller and Robert Fox
  • Gretchen Frank
  • Amy Windmueller and Mark Frank
  • Myrna and Thomas Frankel
  • Kevin Franklin
  • Josephine Freckmann
  • Deborah and Todd Frederick
  • Renata Gasperi and Donald Frediani
  • Kathryn and William Freeman
  • Phyllis Friedman
  • Alison Fuller
  • Maria Luisa and Matthew Fuller
  • Susan and Robert Gadomski
  • Shelley Marks and Erik Gaensler
  • Mary C. Gallo
  • Jill and Derek Garvens
  • Penelope Gerbode
  • Vanessa and William Getty
  • Patricia and Richard Gibbs
  • Michelle and Rich Gillern
  • Ingrid Gillette
  • Mary and Clinton Gilliland
  • Kay and Ken Gobalet
  • Nancy G. Goebner
  • Marcia and Rick Gold
  • Emily and Michael Goldberg
  • Nancy Elenberger and Dennis Goldstein
  • Barbara Goldstein
  • Hon Mai and Joseph Goodman
  • Enid and Ronald Goodman
  • Francesca Eastman and Edward Goodstein
  • Olga Perkovic and David Goodstein
  • Kristin and Peter Gordon
  • Les Silverman and Irvin Govan
  • Marcia Grand
  • Caroline and Anthony Grant
  • Kirsten and Michael Green
  • Susan and Robert Green
  • Shand and William Green
  • Marritje and James Greene
  • Donald Gregory, Jr.
  • Janet and D. Wylie Greig
  • Gary Grethel
  • Margaret Grey
  • Megan Gridley Mina and Michael Gridley
  • The Griffith Family
  • Catherine Kennedy and Daniel Grossman
  • Elizabeth and David Grossman
  • Gruber Family Foundation
  • Phyllis and John Gurney
  • Julie and Walter Haas
  • Ross Gillfillan and Jeremiah Hall
  • The Halper Family
  • Elizabeth and Jonathan Hamren
  • Aline Avzaradel and Niv Hanigal
  • Joan Cambray and Charles A. Hanson
  • Karen and Rick Hargrove
  • Helen and Gary Harmon
  • Tyson Harper
  • Yvonne Valiquette and Donald Harrison
  • Cynthia Loukides and Paul Harrison
  • Heather Tarantino and Thomas Harrison
  • Janet and Richard Hart
  • Jennifer and David Hatfield
  • Joanna and Remy Hathaway
  • Cynthia Wood and Jeffrey Hawkins
  • Lauren Hall and David Hearth
  • Noreen and James Helvie
  • Ana Henderson and Rand Morimoto
  • Carolen and Douglas Herst
  • Rachel and Jeffrey Hess
  • Helen Hilton Raiser
  • Gloria Hing
  • Laurie Hinkle
  • Sarah Wigglesworth and Asiff Hirji
  • Linda and David Hobbs
  • Jennifer and Sam Hocking
  • Susan and David Hodges
  • Fumiko and David Hoeft
  • Beverly and R. W. Hoellwarth
  • Cheri Hoffman
  • Teresa Holt and William Hoffman
  • Donald Holcomb
  • Michael Nguyen and James Hormel
  • Linda and Larry Howell
  • Shu Hsu
  • Pamela Bosh and William Hubbard
  • Mary Hudson
  • Nora Gibson and William Hudson
  • Michelle and Justin Hughes
  • Elizabeth and Zachary Hulsey
  • Doniece Sandoval and Sadik Huseny
  • Yi-Ling Chen and Victor Hwang
  • Gregory Hyde
  • Ann and John Iannuccillo
  • Margaret and Robert Ippolito
  • Aditi Iyer
  • Rebecca and Lee Jackrel
  • Jacqueline and Donald Jacobberger
  • Barbara and Carl Jacobson
  • Elizabeth and Don James
  • Kathleen and Ted Janus
  • Law Offices of Ayanna L. Jenkins-Toney
  • Brenda Jewett and George Jewett III
  • Jennifer and Mike Jimenez-Cruz
  • Rebecca Wong and Stuart Jivapongse
  • Erica Johnson
  • Tracy and Greg Johnson
  • Katharine Johnson
  • Mary Jane, Megan and Clive Jones
  • Thomas Jones, III
  • Monica Reina- Kadner and Noah Kadner
  • Jessica and Kirk Kaludis
  • Reena Tejura and Chetan Kapoor
  • Keith Kappmeyer
  • Louise Karr
  • Angie and Joseph Kastner
  • Kenneth Kelsen
  • Judith and David Kennedy
  • Nancy Thompson and Andrew Kerr
  • Raheleh Mansoor and Pedram Keyani
  • Terry and Robert Keyes
  • Judith and Charles Kimball
  • Kathryn and Richard Kimball
  • Elizabeth King
  • Maryann E. Kirchner
  • Amanda and John Kirkwood
  • Brian Kliment
  • Kathleen Bole and Paul Klingenstein
  • Joann Franklin-Knox and Maurice Knox
  • Helene and Paul Kocher
  • Kathleen Yu and David Korba
  • Catherine and James Koshland
  • Virginia and Leo Koulos
  • Irina and Sasha Kovriga
  • Joanne Chan and James Kramer
  • Brian Kurotsuchi
  • Meghen and Ken Kurtzig
  • Sheila and Michael Lagios
  • Kelsey and David Lamond
  • Ranee Lan
  • Sue and Roger Lang
  • Eileen and Jude Laspa
  • Mike Laster
  • Laura and Gary Lauder
  • Jane Lebkowski
  • Jocelyn Tom and John Lee
  • Andrew M. Lee
  • Cary Lee
  • Doris and Theodore Lee
  • Jack Leibman
  • Edwin Lennette
  • Jeanne and Henri Lese
  • Jennifer Lesser
  • Robin Levi
  • Wendy Smith and Simon Lewis
  • Meg Durbin and Clinton Lewis
  • Virginia Lewis
  • Barbara and Paul Licht
  • Louise and William Lidicker
  • June Lilienthal
  • Sin Yee Zeng and Yew Jin Lim
  • Dr. Lawrence S. Lipkind
  • Edmund W. Littlefield, Jr.
  • Sandy Littlefield
  • Dominique Lahaussois and David Low
  • Eroeda Luck
  • Patsy and James Ludwig
  • Carrie and Ronald Ludwig
  • Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie
  • Leslie Luttgens
  • Melissa Ma
  • Mae and Neil Mackie
  • Gillian Madill
  • Douglas Mandell
  • Armida Marshall
  • Candyce Martin
  • In Memory of Betty J. Martin and Melvin E. Martin
  • Susan and Christopher Masto
  • Patricia Paulson and Pat Matthews
  • Lucia Matzger
  • Diane May
  • Barb and Richard McAuliffe
  • Bobbie and Thomas McChristy
  • Karin and Gregory McClune
  • Duncan McCosker
  • Patti Price and Gene McDaniel
  • Ellen and Harold McElhinny
  • William McIvor
  • Martha Ehrenfeld and Carla McKay
  • Renee and Michael McKenna
  • Carolyn Davis and Alexander Mehran
  • Agnés and Alan Mendelson
  • Michelle and Ed Menendez
  • Lisa and David Merin
  • Carolyn Meyer Ayag
  • Marcy and Terry Milby
  • Carol Mink
  • Myrna and Hyman Mitchner
  • Marta Margeta and Igor Mitrovic
  • Hope and Martin Monkewicz
  • John Monteverdi
  • Diana Montgomery and Preston Raisin
  • Maura and Robert Morey
  • Anna and Mason Morfit
  • Sharon and Jeffrey Morris
  • Elena and J.G. Motlow
  • Janesta Noland and Rick Murphy
  • Naomi Nakashima
  • Arun Narayanan
  • Jackie and Howard Nemerovski
  • Nancy and William Newmeyer
  • Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel Newsom
  • Jennifer and Dan Niles
  • Sue and Warden Noble
  • Cheryl Bonham North and D. Warner North
  • Janet O'Brien and Craig Hartman
  • Michael OConnor
  • Anne and Standish O'Grady
  • Bill Olds
  • Melissa and Erik Olson
  • Elizabeth and Damien Ornani
  • Shari Gruner and Stephanie Oshman
  • Melinda and Albert Osterloh
  • Janet and Clyde Ostler
  • Patricia Costello and Darryl Ott
  • Judy and Michael Overfield
  • Katie Schwab Paige and Matthew Paige
  • Wendy and Frederick Parkin
  • Nicole-Anne Boyer and Toby Paterson
  • Laura and Mike Patnode
  • Monica and David Pauli
  • Christen O'Brien and Paul Paulsson
  • Laura and Jes Pedersen
  • Christina and Adam Pederson
  • Virginia and Dave Pell
  • Eileen and Phil Perkins
  • Marnie Morales and Benjamin Perrault
  • Annette Perry
  • Regina Phelps
  • Kareline and Warner Philips
  • Anthong B. Phillips
  • Amy Rao and Harry Plant
  • Laura Edeen and Michael Plitkins
  • Leslie and Nicholas Podell
  • Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl
  • Carrie and Gary Pomerantz
  • The Precourt Family
  • Sylvia Pressacco
  • Donna Pribble
  • Gwendolyn and Thomas Price
  • Veronica and Wojciech Pulawski
  • Marie Cameron and Robin Purohit
  • Harriet Meyer Quarre
  • Victoria and Phillip Raiser
  • Kathy Fields-Rayant and Garry Rayant
  • Kyle and Jamie Redford
  • Robin Wright and Ian Reeves
  • Wendy and Sherratt Reicher
  • Janie Rempel
  • Elizabeth and Robert Reniers
  • James Rhemer
  • Anne M. Rianda
  • Robina and John Riccitiello
  • Dianna Rice
  • Julie and Chris Ridley
  • Anne and Richard Riley
  • Helen Ripple
  • Jenny and Gerald Risk
  • Beth and Stephen Robie
  • Edis and Martin Robinson
  • Julie and Donald Rocap
  • Gina Sanfilippo and Frederick Roeber
  • Lois and John Rogers
  • Shelagh and Thomas Rohlen
  • JoAnn and Lawson Rollins
  • Fran Rominger
  • Lois and Arthur Roth
  • Cynthia and James Rowe
  • Peggy and Don Ryan
  • Jacqueline and David Sacks
  • Cynthia Lund and Richard Saffir
  • Amrou Salahieh
  • Ladan and Namdar Saleh
  • Christi and Tim Saltonstall
  • Laura Brugger and Ross Sappenfield
  • Rebecca and Douglas Sayuk
  • Michael Scharfenstein
  • Jennifer and Steve Schimmel
  • Sandra and R. David Schmaier
  • La Verne and Herbert Schmidt
  • Peter Lothar Schmidt
  • Joel Wells and Albert Schreck
  • Catarina and Andy Schwab
  • Nora and Ivan Schwab
  • Susan and Michael Schwartz
  • Nancy Bush and Emil Scoffone
  • Judith and John Sears
  • Beatie and Mike Seidenberg
  • Pearl Anne Seipp
  • Amy Kuwata and Stephen Self
  • John Bradfield and Dennis Senovich
  • Nancy and Greg Serrurier
  • Diane and Carl Shannon
  • Amy Eskin and Mitchell Shapson
  • Andrea and David Shearn
  • Barbara Shell
  • Raymond Shone
  • Yvonne Don and Richard Shrieve
  • Stacey and Thomas Siebel
  • Jane and John Siegel
  • Lara Witter and Curt Sigfstead
  • Ann and Tim Simon
  • Cyrena Torrey Simons
  • Helen Sims
  • Holly Hagens and Todd Sisitsky
  • Danna and Alex Slusky
  • Darren Smith
  • Catherine Allman and Glenn Snyder
  • Judith and Gary Sorgen
  • Suzanne and Laurence Spitters
  • Laura and Greg Spivy
  • Elizabeth and Andrew Spokes
  • Katherine Copic and Daniel Spoonhower
  • Clare Springs
  • Nancy and Brett Stearns
  • Jane and Geoffrey Stearns
  • Ruth and Alan Stein
  • Vera and Harold Stein Jr.
  • W. Bradford Stephens
  • Mary Murphy and Mark Stevens
  • Jo Ann Stewart
  • Earl Stokes
  • Kenneth Stone
  • Sandra Stoppoloni
  • Christine and Pete Stovell
  • Rose Heide and Gary Sweet
  • Daralyn Durie and Ragesh Tangri
  • Tracy Taylor Grubbs and Richard Taylor
  • Lloyda Thompson
  • Richard and Rhona Thompson
  • Robert Thompson
  • Shannon and Jay Thomson
  • Henry O. Timnick
  • Edith and Joseph Tobin
  • Katherine Tobin
  • Tiffany Townsend
  • Alexis and Trevor Traina
  • Miles and Merredith Treaster
  • Siobhan McFeeney and Dennis Trevino
  • Dora Tsang
  • Walter Tschinkel
  • Suzanne and Eugene Valla
  • Kathleen and Lee Van Boven
  • Margaret Sullivan and William Van Dyk
  • Jennifer and Brian Van Klompenberg
  • Patricia Post and Martin Vanderlaan
  • Edith and Geerat Vermeij
  • Barbara Novak and Ellis Verosub
  • Wendy Norris and Stephanie Versin
  • Jane and Bernard Von Bothmer
  • Janet and Christian von Doepp
  • Lorraine Voskanian
  • Molly and David Wadhwani
  • Lisa Podos Wais and Michael Wais
  • Marvalee and David Wake
  • Emily and Greg Waldorf
  • Ashley and Edward Waltemath
  • Sally Ward
  • Delcey and Harlan Watkins
  • Teri Kil and Trevor Watt
  • Willene and Paul Wattis, Jr.
  • Priscilla Hung and Geoffrey Weber
  • Virginia and Richard Welsh
  • Nonie Greene and Todd Werby
  • Gloria Wesenberg
  • Ashley and J. Minott Wessinger
  • Sarah Singleton and Jeff Westmont
  • Emily Wheeler
  • James Whitlock
  • Jeanne and Michael Williams
  • Jennifer and R. Sanders Williams
  • Timothy Dick and Nicholas Wilson
  • Pat and Bill Wilson
  • Greta and Warner Wims
  • Beth and James Wintersteen
  • Jane and Douglas Wolf
  • Polly and Ward Wolff
  • Linda and King Won
  • Jack K. Wong
  • Polly Tam and Hsien-Chung Woo
  • Sharon and Russell Woo
  • Laura and Dennis Woodside
  • Susan and Bruce Worster
  • Patty and Kirke Wrench
  • Nancy and Roy Wu
  • Jo Wunderlich
  • David Wuson
  • Karl Schultz and Ryan Wyatt
  • Marcia Wythes
  • Annette and David Yeary
  • Alice Yen
  • David Yu
  • Dawn and David Zierk
  • Amy and Ted Zook
  • Jane and Mark Zuercher

Corporations and Foundations


  • Pisces Foundation, Bob and Randi Fisher, Trustees

    $250,000 — $499,999

  • S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Lakeside Foundation
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

    $100,000 — $249,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
  • The Hearst Foundations
  • HRH Foundation
  • The Bernard Osher Foundation
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Target
  • Wells Fargo Foundation

    $50,000 — $99,999

  • Aera Energy LLC
  • California Earthquake Authority
  • Council on Library and Information Resources
  • Frances K. and Charles D. Field Foundation
  • Franklin Templeton Investments
  • The Hoefer Family
  • Pearson Charitable Foundation
  • Safeway Inc.
  • Wells Fargo

    $25,000 — $49,999

  • Anonymous
  • Able Services
  • American Securities
  • Carlson Family Foundation
  • Carmel Partners
  • Deloitte
  • Dodge & Cox
  • Eastdil Secured
  • GGS Foundation
  • Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
  • Hellman Foundation
  • Integrated Archive Systems, Inc.
  • Kirkland & Ellis LLP
  • Koret Foundation
  • The Morrison & Foerster Foundation
  • Oracle
  • Prime Finance
  • Sageview Capital LP
  • Summit Partners
  • TPG
  • Union Bank Foundation
  • Visa Inc.
  • Wallis Foundation
  • Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

    $10,000 — $24,999

  • Anonymous
  • Asset Management Company
  • Frank A. Campini Foundation
  • Degenkolb Engineers
  • The Charles Engelhard Foundation
  • Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
  • King American Ambulance Company
  • Kingfisher Foundation
  • The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation
  • The Livermore Family In Memory of John Sealy Livermore
  • Malcolm
  • McKinsey & Company, Inc.
  • The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation
  • Nasaw Family Foundation
  • National Geographic Society
  • Pacific Life Foundation
  • Prologis
  • The Sato Foundation
  • Jordan L. Shlain, MD Private Medical Services
  • Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
  • Webcor Builders
  • Willis
  • Willis Lease Finance Corporation

    $1,000 — $9,999

  • Anonymous
  • ACCO Engineered Systems
  • Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation
  • Animation on Display
  • Argo Insurance Brokers
  • Bartlett Tree Expert Co.
  • Capital Group
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Christine H. Russell Fund of the Columbia Foundation
  • Craves Family Foundation
  • Thelma Doelger Charitable Trust
  • Eighth Street Wineries
  • Farese Family Foundation
  • Fox Rothschild LLP
  • Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
  • HBD STP — Investimentos Turísticos, Unipessoal, Lda.
  • Health Net, Inc.
  • House of Air
  • IBM Corporation
  • Inavale Foundation, Inc
  • JEC Foundation
  • Jobsite Stud Welding
  • Kwan Wo Ironworks, Inc.
  • La Bonne Cuisine Catering and Events
  • Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P.
  • The Markkula Foundation
  • Meyer Sound
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Mirnahill Foundation
  • NatureBridge
  • NetApp
  • nwk group
  • Occidental of Elk Hills Non Unit
  • Patxi's Pizza
  • Qualcomm
  • Rebarber Enterprises
  • Res-Com Insulation, Inc
  • B.T. Rocca, Jr. Foundation
  • Rosendin Electric, Inc.
  • RT Western Maintenance, Inc.
  • Sand Hill Foundation
  • Sao Tome E Principe Union Prom
  • The Schlinger Foundation
  • True Liberty Bags
  • UBS
  • UrbanSitter
  • Valley Anatomical Preparations, Inc.
  • ValleyCrest Landscape Development
  • Vector Laboratories, Inc.


  • Blue Angel Spirits LLC
  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, BOEM Pacific Region
  • Cainkade
  • Caldwell Vineyard
  • Clif Kid
  • Gene Coan
  • Anne and Daniel Cohen
  • Cornerstone Cellars
  • Buff and Gerald Corsi
  • Nance and Melvin Donaldson
  • Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice Creams
  • Francis Ford Coppola Winery
  • Michelle Gaither
  • Annette Gavigan
  • Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shops
  • Google Inc.
  • Bonnie and Terry Gosliner
  • Green Barrel Wine Merchants
  • Hafner Vineyard
  • Beverly and David Kavanaugh
  • KFOG Radio
  • Martin Lenz
  • Al Leviton
  • Magnolia Photo Booth
  • Morton Salt
  • Ann and Michael Murakami
  • Oceanic USA & Hollis
  • Jane Omick
  • Peekadoodle Kidsclub
  • Ana Maria and Norman Penny
  • Plum Organics
  • Pop Chips
  • Veronica and Wojciech Pulawski
  • Jonnie Pullman
  • Rodney Strong Vineyards
  • Jeanne Rose
  • Safeway Inc.
  • San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
  • Rudi Schmid
  • James Shevock
  • Spellbound Wines
  • Joan Steinberg
  • Ten Speed Press
  • The Bubble Lounge
  • Tito's Handmade Vodka
  • Trader Joe's
  • Trumer Pils
  • Beth Walton
  • William Colby Memorial Library


  • Estate of Frank W. and Margaret Adelstein
  • Estate of Stanley M. Barnes
  • Estate of Dorothy H. Bolton
  • Estate of Hamilton W. Budge
  • Charles M. Goethe Trust
  • Estate of Drs. Craig and Natalie S. Miller
  • Estate of Henry Perin and Maryan Atkinson Perin
  • Rolph-Nicol Fund
  • Estate of Marjorie A. Schmelzer
  • Estate of Willis S. and Marion B. Slusser

Eastwood Associates

  • Anonymous
  • Michele and Mark Aldrich
  • Anthony Alfidi
  • Mary Allen
  • Mary Beth and Frank Almeda
  • Barbara D. Andrews
  • Terri J. Arington in memory of Hector and Grayce Ceschi
  • Madeline and Paul Arnaud, Jr.
  • Mary Ann and Samuel Aronson
  • Jay Auslander
  • Joan and Peter Avenali
  • Malou Babilonia
  • Nancy Abbott Baker
  • Pamela Baldwin
  • Charna Ball
  • Alkmene and Raymond Bandar
  • Charles Madsen Barksdale
  • Marie Schoppe Bartee
  • Joan Beavin
  • Mildred and Edward Bennett
  • Michael Bennett and Leslie Larson
  • Michael J. Bennett
  • Riva and David Berelson, Jr.
  • Medea and Bruce Bern
  • Helen Bernstein
  • Loraine and Robert Berry
  • Barbara Bessey and Kevin Gilmartin
  • Susan and Frederick Bianucci
  • W. Richard Bingham
  • Phyllis Blair
  • Roberta and Roy Borgonovo
  • Norman Brand
  • Ellen and Russell Breslauer
  • Melinda M. and James R. Brown
  • Josephine H. Brownback
  • Joanne Bruggemann
  • Dr. Margaret Gould Burke
  • Eva Buxton
  • Brook and Shawn Byers
  • Carla Carpentier
  • Andrea LoPinto and Robert Carr
  • Jeanie and Michael Casey
  • Claudia and David Chittenden
  • Robert and Mary Ann Christensen
  • Diane and William Clarke
  • Dorothy and William Clemens
  • Lewis Coleman
  • Ms. Susan Coleman
  • Buff and Gerald Corsi
  • Ronald Cramer
  • Arline H. Day
  • Joan and Allen Dekelboum
  • Gary Demyen and Les Partridge
  • Isabelle Z. Dokouzian
  • Pamela and Clarence Donahoe
  • Tracy Donahoe and Kenneth Lim
  • Dr. and Mrs. Melvin S. Donaldson
  • Mary and Thomas Dum
  • Sherry Dumke
  • Lynn and Robert Dunne
  • Susan McComb and J. D. Durst
  • Maria Lucila Echeverria Bustos
  • Margo and Harold Elberg
  • Charlotte and David Epstein
  • Veronica Espada
  • Helene Ettelson
  • Edward T. Faber and Phyllis M. Faber Trust
  • Neil E. Fahy
  • Marie and Lawrence Feldman
  • Jacqueline Benroubi-Feretzis
  • Elizabeth S. Fisher
  • Jean Fisher
  • Susan Forsythe
  • Renata Gasperi and Donald Frediani
  • Elazar Friedman
  • William Fries II Foundation
  • Laura Fujii
  • Stuart M. Fullerton
  • Jennifer and Ellis Gans
  • Evelina Vecchiato Gara
  • Arlene Getz
  • Robert Glavin
  • Robert Godersky
  • Jeannie Graham-Gilliat
  • Paul Guest
  • Charles and Ginger Guthrie
  • Johnnie and John Hafernik
  • Florence Haimes
  • Anthia and Charles Halfmann
  • Jack Halpern
  • James Heagy
  • Deborah and Robert Hector
  • Helen M. and Robert D. Heller
  • Virginia Helleskov
  • Ms. Terry Helm
  • Michael A. Heymann
  • Louise and Donald Heyneman
  • Cynthia Hill and Steven Beckendorf
  • Sue and Mike Hoey
  • Joan Holman
  • Richard W. Holmes
  • Royal C. Brown and Margie Hom
  • Judith and John Hurabiell
  • Diane Ichiyasu
  • Virginia M. Ingham
  • Julianna and Alex Iosilevsky
  • Bonnie and Michael Irwin
  • Bernice Itkin
  • Eve Iversen
  • Donald and Jacqueline Jacobberger
  • Hazel Jacoby
  • Pauline Kerber and John Jennings
  • Stanley Judd
  • Anne Kahn
  • Bernice and Jerry Kendall
  • Kate and Tom Klein
  • Sue and Roger Lang
  • Evelyn and Robert Langston
  • Dr. Della Laura
  • Jim Lilienthal
  • Sandra and Ronald Linder
  • Lois B. Lippincott
  • Pari and Putnam Livermore
  • Park Loughlin
  • Eroeda Luck
  • Cynthia and John Major
  • Brent Malarkey
  • Josephine Markovich
  • Sharon and Michael Marron
  • Hermine and Sumner Marshall
  • Gerald McCallum
  • Faye and Richard McCartney
  • Pam and John McCosker
  • Janet and Thomas McKinley
  • Kathryn K. McNeil
  • Jancy Rickman and William Michaely
  • Gigi Babcock and Ralph Miller
  • Carol and Charles Mink
  • Holly Mitchell
  • Nancy and George Montgomery, Jr.
  • Scott Chan and Vicki Moore
  • Sylvia and David Morafka
  • Nearn and Romano Families
  • John R. Nelson
  • Kenneth Ness
  • Nancy and Bill Newmeyer
  • Drs. Charles and Lois O'Brien
  • Diane Ososke
  • Edmund W. Ow
  • Alan and Virginia Pabst
  • Janet Parker
  • Wendy and Fred Parkin
  • Vicki and John Pearse
  • Regina Phelps
  • Carol and Bruce Pollock
  • Lynette M. Porteous
  • Veronica and Wojciech Pulawski
  • Jane Radcliffe
  • Sonia A. Raesly
  • Linda and John Reichel
  • Mary Renaker and Eric Brazel
  • Patricia and Hugh Reynolds
  • Anne Rianda
  • Gary B. Riddle
  • Dr. Francis J. Rigney, Jr.
  • Nancy Robison
  • Diane and Peter Rodriguez
  • Robert Rofen
  • Diane and Lloyd Root
  • Sandra Miller Ross and Edward S. Ross
  • Lois and Arthur Roth
  • Renee Rubin
  • I.A. Ruffer
  • Jaclyn Jacobs Rusch
  • Michael Scharfenstein
  • Katherine Schick
  • Margery Schindler
  • Dr. Evert I. Schlinger, Ph.D.
  • Peter Lothar Schmidt
  • Elizabeth Schultz
  • Werner Schumann
  • Harold Segelstad
  • Tom Shamp
  • Yvonne Don and Richard Shrieve
  • Mrs. Eugene A. Shurtleff
  • Clare Wheeler Sias
  • Marjorie Silver
  • Edmund and Suellynn Smith
  • Edward Laidlaw Smith
  • Joyce and Jim Smith
  • Cornelia Clausen Spanier
  • Clare H. Springs
  • Thoralee Crawford Squair
  • Susan Staebler
  • Brett C. Stearns
  • Judith and Jerry Steenhoven
  • Joan E. Steinberg
  • Ann and Ellis Stephens
  • Barbara J. Stevens
  • Jocelynn Herrick Stone and Richard Stone
  • J. Garland Stroup
  • David and Mary Sutton
  • Catherine and Maurice Tauber
  • Rowena J. Taylor and Doris C. Taylor
  • Nancy Thompson and Andrew Kerr
  • Blake and Jillian Tyrrell
  • Stefan Unnasch
  • Esther M. van Beers
  • Barbara and Dirk Van Meurs
  • Mary and Jerome C. Vascellaro
  • Helen von Ammon
  • Janet von Doepp
  • Dorothy and Paul Wachter
  • Susan Wageman
  • Jake Walker
  • Julie Walker
  • Katherine Wallin
  • Susanne Prokscha and Timothy Walters
  • Dr. Shel Weissman and Claire Hurni Weissman
  • Linda and George Wertheim
  • Gloria Wesenberg
  • Cherie and Herbert Wetzel
  • Jerry Ann White
  • Ellen and Edwin Whitman
  • David Whitridge
  • Stanley Williams
  • Stefan Williams
  • Ron Wilson
  • Betty and George Winkelman
  • Helen and Wil Wong
  • Melissa and Brian Wong
  • Joan F. Yates
  • Flora Zagorites


  • Adelstein Endowment
  • Augsbury Fund
  • Elizabeth Bartholomew Memorial Fund
  • Bloomer/Bryant/Hohfeld Fund
  • Botany Endowment Fund
  • Owen Bryant Fund
  • Corsi Digital Library Fund
  • Arthur Court Minerals Fund
  • Daniels, Ruth Cames Memorial Minerology Fund
  • Benjamin Dean Memorial Fund
  • Denning Endowment
  • Entomology Endowment
  • Fellows Research Endowment Fund
  • W.I. Follett Endowment
  • Wilma & William Follette Internship in Botany
  • Dr. Harriet Frizzell Fund
  • Mimi and Peter Haas Fund for Early Childhood Education
  • Hanna Diatom Chair
  • Margaret Hanna Endowment
  • Hearst Endowment for Science Education
  • Rollie & Mary Henley Fund
  • Herpetology Endowment
  • Harry and Diana Hind Dean of Science and Research Collections
  • John T. Howell Curatorial Chair
  • Irvine Curatorial Chair
  • Rupert and Maryellie Johnson Technology Fund
  • William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball Endowment
  • Lilienthal Lecture Fund
  • Lindsay Chair of Botany
  • Dr. George Lindsay & Geraldine Lindsay Field Research Fund
  • Robert Lorenz Trust
  • Kristina D.Y. Louie Memorial Fund
  • Mallick Endowment Fund
  • Marshall Steel Endowment
  • McAllister Curatorial Chair
  • John E. McCosker Chair of Aquatic Biology Fund
  • William McDevitt Memorial Fund
  • Myers Family Trust
  • O’Brien Fund
  • Patterson Scholars
  • Pepperwood Endowment Fund
  • Pepperwood Outreach
  • Roberts Dean of Education Fund
  • Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Fund for Enhanced Museum Visits
  • John J. Rose Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • L & E Rose Memorial Fund
  • Vincent Roth Memorial Fund
  • Schlinger Arachnology Chair
  • Schlinger Diptera Chair
  • Schlinger Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Tracy & Ruth Storer Fund
  • Edwin Cooper Van Dyke Fund
  • Helen Von Ammon Fund
  • Robert T. Wallace Endowment
  • Dr. R. Wallace Internship Fund
  • Paul & Phyllis Wattis Foundation Fund
  • Phyllis C. Wattis Endowment Fund
  • Wesendunk Microfossil Collection Endowment
  • Wesendunk Mineral Collection Endowment
  • Zimmerman Trust


Diverse viewpoints on the natural world, advanced by our Fellows, make the Academy a powerful contributor to science and sustainability. In 2013, ten new members, nominated by their peers and selected by the Academy Board of Trustees, joined this illustrious community.

2013 Fellows:

Joseph DeRisi

University of California, San Francisco
Genomics, Molecular Biology, Parasitology, Virology, Computational Biology

Paul Koch

University of California, Santa Cruz
Geobiology & Paleobiology

Peter Norvig

Google Inc.
Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science

Mark Richards

University of California, Berkeley

Benito C. Tan

University of California, Berkeley

Susan L. Forsbug

University of Southern California
Molecular & Computational Biology

Claire Kremen

University of California, Berkeley
Conservation Biology & Entomology

Katherine S. Pollard

University of California, San Francisco
Evolution & Computational Biology

Jonathon H. Stillman

University of California, Berkeley & San Francisco State University
Invertebrate Physiology & Molecular Biology

R. Sanders Williams, M.D.

Gladstone Institutes & University of California, San Francisco
Medicine, Cell Biology, Genetics

Distinguished Service Award

Roberta Borgonovo

Former Trustee and Docent, California Academy of Sciences

Sandra Linder

Former Trustee and Docent, California Academy of Sciences

Bob Van Syoc

Former Senior Collections Manager, California Academy of Sciences
Invertebrate Zoology and Geology

Recipient of the 2013 Fellow’s Medal

James T. Carlton

Professor of Marine Sciences and Biology Williams College – Mystic Seaport

Dr. Carlton is a Professor of Marine Sciences and Biology at Williams College and Director of the Williams College – Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program. His research focuses on the environmental history of coastal marine ecosystems, including invasions of non-native species and modern-day extinctions in the world’s oceans. His research sites include the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Hawaiian Islands, Argentina, and South Africa. He is the only scientist to receive the Interagency Recognition Award from the U.S. federal government for his national and international work to reduce the impacts of exotic species invasions in the sea.


Careful stewardship of financial resources is key to growing the Academy’s impact at a time when science—advancing it, understanding it, sharing it—is essential to life on Earth.

Operating Revenue and Expenses

Revenue 2013 2012
Earned Revenue $31,654,409.00 $30,538,582.00
Contributions $15,749,348.00 $16,149,816.00
Endowment Transfer $9,925,499.00 $11,515,228.00
Government Grants $6,706,685.00 $5,993,396.00
Total Revenue $64,035,941.00 $64,197,022.00
Expenses 2013 2012
Exhibits & Public Engagement $19,784,831.00 $21,654,145.00
Education & Outreach $12,521,005.00 $11,324,195.00
Biodiversity Science and Sustainability $11,247,817.00 $11,420,356.00
Aquarium $8,413,106.00 $8,708,311.00
Development & Membership $6,698,402.00 $5,679,765.00
Management & General $5,370,780.00 $5,410,250.00
Total Expenses $64,035,941.00 $64,197,022.00

Financial Position

Assets 2013 2012
Investments $422,473,193.00 $407,903,398.00
Property & equipment, less depr. $389,073,152.00 $403,590,796.00
Receivables $35,711,305.00 $15,268,640.00
Other $3,751,816.00 $3,924,646.00
Total Assets $851,009,466.00 $830,687,480.00
Liabilities 2013 2012
Bonds Payable $281,450,000.00 $281,450,000.00
Accounts Payable $6,985,185.00 $5,975,456.00
Deferred Income $4,537,125.00 $3,954,219.00
Other Long-term Liabilities $253,320.00 $329,583.00
Total Liabilities $293,225,630.00 $291,709,258.00
Net assets 2013 2012
Unrestricted Net Assets $429,857,969.00 $436,742,654.00
Temporarily Restricted $68,945,658.00 $46,479,408.00
Permanently Restricted $58,980,209.00 $55,756,160.00
Total Net Assets $557,783,836.00 $538,978,222.00
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $851,009,466.00 $830,687,480.00
  • 49 Earned Revenue
  • 25 Contributions
  • 16 Endowment Transfer
  • 10 Government Grants
  • 31 Exhibits & Public Engagement
  • 20 Education & Outreach
  • Biodiversity Science & Sustainability
  • 13 Aquarium
  • 10 Development & Membership
  • 8 Management & General


Forward-looking leaders keep the Academy on track in its mission to explore, explain, and sustain life. Their vision guides us. Their enthusiasm inspires us. Their commitment carries us into the future.

Board of Trustees, 2013-2014:

  • Bruce Alberts, Ph.D.
  • James N. Alexander
  • John C. Atwater, Chair
  • Matthew Barger
  • Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Ph.D.
  • Richard C. Blum
  • Teresa Briggs
  • Dan Carroll
  • Peter Y. Chung
  • Penny Coulter
  • Troy Daniels
  • Juliet de Baubigny
  • William F. Duhamel
  • Peter Fenton
  • John H. N. Fisher
  • Randi Fisher
  • Peter M. Folger
  • Mark Gaumond
  • Edward A. Gilhuly
  • Rosemary Gillespie, Ph.D.
  • Diane B. Greene
  • John Hafernik, Ph.D., President
  • Harry Hagey
  • Susan Desmond-Hellmann, M.D.
  • Glenn W. Holsclaw
  • Nelson Ishiyama
  • Oliver Jenkyn
  • David M. Kennedy, Ph.D.
  • Salman Khan
  • Roger G. Kuo
  • Sharon Long, Ph.D.
  • Susan Oberndorf
  • Emilie Munger Ogden
  • Elizabeth R. Patterson
  • Gary Pinkus
  • William S. Price, III
  • Marta Salas-Porras
  • Wendy Schmidt
  • Kurt N. Simon
  • Jill Tarter, Ph.D.
  • Thomas W. Tusher
  • Virginia Goss Tusher, Ph.D.
  • Jerome C. Vascellaro
  • Geerat J. Vermeij, Ph.D.
  • Summer Tompkins Walker
  • Richard Yorke
  • Adrienne L. Zihlman, Ph.D.
  • Mary Zlot

Senior Staff

  • Gregory C. Farrington, Ph.D.
    Executive Director, William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball Chair
  • Elizabeth C. Babcock Ph.D.
    Chief Public Engagement Officer and Roberts Dean of Education
  • Alison Brown
    Chief Financial Officer and Chief of Staff
  • Melissa Felder
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Terrence M. Gosliner, Ph.D.
    Dean of Science and Research Collections, Harry W. and Diana V. Hind Chair
  • Janet M. Harris
    Chief Development Officer


Creative Director

  • Rhonda Rubinstein

Graphic Design

  • Sydney Buffman
  • Office vs Office


  • Betsy Brown

Additional Writing

  • Stephanie Stone

Web Development

  • Derek Wood

Project Management

  • Allison Oseth
  • Alex Salz
  • Tyler Sterkel


  • Daniel Furon
  • Terry Gosliner
  • David Liittschwager
  • Andrew McCormick
  • Chris Picon
  • Kathryn Whitney


  • Academy Visualization Studio


  • Plus M Productions