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Meet the team of senior staff, trustees, and fellows whose vision and direction make our mission possible. 

Management Team

Jon Foley

Jonathan Foley, PhD
Executive Director

An expert in ecosystem science and sustainability, Dr. Foley is steering the Academy through an exciting chapter in its 160-year history, leading its efforts to explore and explain the natural world while addressing critical sustainability challenges.

Elizabeth Babcock

Elizabeth Babcock, PhD
Chief Public Engagement Officer, Roberts-Wilson Dean of Education

Responsible for creating and implementing public engagement, outreach, and education programs, Dr. Babcock seeks to ignite a lifelong curiosity about—and love for—the natural world in all who come in contact with the Academy.

Mike McGee

Mike McGee
Chief Financial Officer  

McGee oversees strategic financial planning for the Academy, ensuring that the institution’s resources are managed wisely and aligned with its long-term strategic plan and mission.

Melissa Felder

Melissa Felder
​Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer

Felder drives museum visitorship and strengthens recognition and understanding of all that the Academy has to offer its diverse audiences through strategic marketing, public relations, sales, and partnership initiatives.

Janet Harris

Janet Harris
Chief Philanthropy Officer

Responsible for the Academy’s fundraising and membership programs, Harris builds relationships with private, corporate, and civic supporters committed to the future of this world-class scientific institution.

Ike Kwon

Ike Kwon
Chief Operating Officer

Kwon is responsible for infrastructure, guest and building operations, and technology for the Academy. He also oversees the institution’s relationships with local government and civic and community groups.

Shannon Bennett, PhD

Shannon Bennett, PhD
Chief of Science, Harry W. and Diana V. Hind Dean of Science and Research Collections

Dr. Bennett is responsible for the Academy’s programs of scientific research and exploration, as well as overseeing the Academy’s priceless collection of nearly 46 million scientific specimens from around the world.

Raul del Barco

Raul del Barco, Chief Human Resources Officer

del Barco leads the Academy’s people practices with a focus on diversity and inclusion, overseeing human resources and volunteer services for the Bay Area’s largest cultural attraction.




A governing group of approximately 450 distinguished scientists, Academy Fellows have made notable contributions to one or more of the natural sciences and help further the reach of our research and education initiatives through individual and collaborative efforts with Academy researchers. Nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Board of Trustees, Academy Fellows remain members of the Fellowship for life.


Board of Trustees

The strategic guidance and oversight provided by Academy Trustees, an exceptional group of leaders from the Bay Area and beyond, help shape the institution’s vision and strategic direction.

Bruce Alberts, PhD*
Matthew Barger
Teresa Briggs
Mark Buell
Dan Carroll
Huifen Chan
Gretchen C. Daily, PhD*
Troy Daniels, DDS
William F. Duhamel
Peter Fenton
Laura E. Furstenthal, PhD
Nick Giovanni
Kevin Hartz
Tessa M. Hill, PhD*
Dan Janney


Oliver Jenkyn
David M. Kennedy, PhD
Salman Khan
Steve Krognes
Roger Kuo
Zachary Lara
Marie O. Lipman
Charles Marshall, PhD,
  Vice President*
Pamela Matson, PhD*
Steve McCormick
Lawrence Miao
​Michael Millman
​Harold A. Mooney, PhD,

Claire Ngo
Emilie Munger Ogden
Elizabeth R. Patterson, Secretary
Gary Pinkus
Marta Salas-Porras
​Adam Savage
Andrew J. Schwab
Gary T. Steele
Virginia Goss Tusher, PhD
Jerome C. Vascellaro, Chair
Summer Tompkins Walker
Geisha Williams
Richard Yorke
Ron Zeff

​*Science Trustee

Trustees Emeriti

James N. Alexander
Alissa J. Arp, PhD
John C. Atwater, Chair Emeritus
Peter Avenali*
Laurence M. Baer
Foster Bam
Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.
Peter B. Bedford
W. Richard Bingham, Chair
Richard C. Blum
Bruce Bolt, PhD, President
Roberta Borgonovo
Shawn Byers
Lyman H. Casey
Peter Y. Chung
William A. Clemens, PhD,
  President Emeritus
Lewis W. Coleman
Joyce Mobley Corrigan
Penny Coulter
Paul L. Davies, Jr., Chair
Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD
Lynn G. Dunne
Richard P. Emerson
John H.N. Fisher
Randi Fisher
Peter M. Folger
​Mark Gaumond
Edward A. Gilhuly​
Rosemary G. Gillespie, PhD
Diane B. Greene

John Hafernik, PhD, President Emeritus
Harry R. Hagey
William R. Hearst III
Glenn W. Holsclaw
David A. Hoyt
William J. Hume, Chair Emeritus
Nelson Ishiyama
Ann L. Johnson, MD
James C. Kelley, PhD, President
William R. Kimball, Chair
Patrick V. Kirch, PhD
Thomas B. Klein
Martha W. Kropf
W. M. Laetsch, PhD
John W. Larson
John W. Larson*
Laura F.K. Lazarus
Sandra Linder
Sharon Long, PhD
Laura Davies Mateo
Lucia Matzger
Janet McKinley
Linda Meier
​Hamid R. Moghadam
George G. Montgomery, Jr.
Gladys Moore*
Craig Moritz, PhD
​Mervin G. Morris
David Morrison, PhD
Michael J. Murray
Susan Oberndorf

Arthur C. Patterson
William J. Patterson, Jr., Chair
John S. Pearse, PhD, President
Carrie W. Penner
Carmen A. Policy
William S. Price III
Christine H. Russell
​Evert I. Schlinger, PhD*
Wendy Schmidt
​Fidela Z. Schneider
Russell Schweickart
Judy Siebel
Kurt Simon
Leo Soong
Clare H. Springs
Tania Stepanian
Jill Tarter, PhD, President
Richard T. Thieriot
Charles H. Townes, PhD*
Thomas W. Tusher
Robert D. Valdez
​Geerat Vermeij, PhD
​Marvalee H. Wake, PhD
Ward B. Watt, PhD, President
Barry L. Williams
William Wilson, III*
Russell D. Woo, MD
Paul M. Wythes*
Adrienne Zihlman, PhD
Mary Zlot

​* deceased