Silver arowana on view in Steinhart Aquarium at California Academy of Sciences
That splash in Osher Rainforest could be an arowana. Meet our elegant, occasionally acrobatic Amazonian fish.
Aquatic caecilian at the Academy
Love is blind, just like caecilians. See why we're swooning for this odd amphibian with a serious underbite.
Orange and gray Pacific spiny lumpsuckers rest on rock on exhibit at California Academy of Sciences

Pacific spiny lumpsuckers have tiny fins and no swim bladder, yet are able to travel as deep as 480 feet.

Methuselah the Australian lungfish in her habitat at the California Academy of Sciences

Methuselah is the Academy's beloved Australian lungfish—and the oldest living fish in human care on Earth.

Spiny turtle (Heosemys spinosa) against a white background

Despite their spiky protective shells, this tropical Southeast Asian species is still classified as endangered.

Portrait of four-eyed fish, or Anableps anableps

This fish doesn't wear glasses, but does have the ability to see above and below water. Say hello to Anableps!

Spotted garden eels spend the majority of their lives partially embedded in the sea floor.

Living deep in the "twilight zone," this fish is often found swimming upside-down near cave roofs and overhangs.

Gouldian finches are polymorphic, with three possible head color variations—black, yellow, or red.

African penguins establish strong pair bonds and use complex forms of communication in their social groups.

Beautiful and social, these birds are even known to feed chicks belonging to other members of their flock.

You’ll need sharp eyes to spot the leafy seadragon in the wild—it's virtually indistinguishable from kelp.

These tiny orange frogs secrete highly toxic chemicals for defense—toxins they amass by eating poisonous ants.

This impressive shrimp packs a 50-mph punch that can inflict up to 160 pounds of instantaneous force.

Grainy cochran frogs, known as "glass frogs," have translucent bellies that reveal bones and organs.

Bluespotted ribbontail rays boast beautiful, iridescent spots and a long tail armed with venomous spines.