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Please note: Osher Rainforest is closed through November 17 for infrastructure maintenance. Learn more

New & featured

A Century of Steinhart Aquarium

Steinhart Aquarium centennial wordmark with stylized Moorish Idol fish

Steinhart Aquarium opened on September 29, 1923.

Steinhart Aquarium is turning 100! Explore a century of firsts—and enjoy pay-what-you-can admission on Sept. 29.

NightLife: The Art of Nature

NightLife: The Art of Nature
October 5 at 6:00 pm

See what happens when art and nature collide at this NightLife honoring 10 years of BigPicture.

The World's Largest Dinosaurs

Interior of The World's Largest Dinosaurs exhibition with Mamenchisaurus model at the California Academy of Sciences

A life-size model of a 60-foot Mamenchisaurus looms over the exhibition.

Super-sized sauropods have arrived at the Academy! Learn more about our dino-mite new exhibit, open daily.

Mapping Cosmic Magnetism in the Space Between the Stars

Magnetic fields in the interacting Antenna Galaxies

The Antenna Galaxies are located about 50 million light years away in the constellation Corvus the Crow. The magnetic fields in this pair of interacting galaxies are overlaid on an image from the Hubble Space Telescope.

October 2 at 7:30 pm

Stanford's Dr. Susan Clark explains how magnetic forces sculpt the structure of the stuff between the stars!

BigPicture: Natural World Photography

“Backyard Friend” from “Cities Gone Wild” by Corey Arnold (Grand Prize winner)

“Backyard Friend” from “Cities Gone Wild” by Corey Arnold (Grand Prize winner)

Embark on a visual odyssey of 2023's best nature, wildlife, and conservation photography—opening October 7.

Iconic exhibitions

Steinhart Aquarium

A woman and child in front of the Philippine Coral Reef tank

Come face-to-fin with nearly 60,000 animals—from deep-sea oddities to Claude, our alligator with albinism.

Morrison Planetarium

Interior of Morrison Planetarium with guests in audience, photo by John Hartsfield

The interior of Morrison Planetarium—one of the world's largest all-digital domes.

Experience the cosmos from the Academy's all-digital, 75-foot planetarium dome. Reservations required.

Osher Rainforest

Exterior view of rainforest glass dome with California Coast habitat in foreground

Osher Rainforest is closed for infrastructure maintenance through November 17. We regret any inconvenience.

Kimball Natural History Museum

Guests exploring Color of Life exhibit and tiger specimen at California Academy of Sciences

Explore hands-on exhibits, fascinating specimens, and the latest research conducted by Academy scientists.

Ongoing exhibitions

Hidden Wonders: Inside the Academy's Collections

California saber-tooth cat fossil from the Academy's collections

"Kitty," our California saber-toothed cat (Smilodon californicus) fossil, was collected from the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

Peek into the past in an all-new exhibition of nearly 800 objects from the Academy's research collections.

Giants of Land and Sea

Mother and daughter read exhibit label in front of cross section of gigantic redwood tree in Giants of Land and Sea exhibit

Experience Northern California's epic natural wonders—including a 7.9-magnitude earthquake in the Shake House.

Gems and Minerals Unearthed

Crocoite; Photo: Kat Whitney

Marvel at nearly 400 dazzling and dramatic gem and mineral specimens from the Academy's geology collection.

Color of Life

Color of Life

Live animals and hands-on exhibits reveal the significant role color plays across a vibrant spectrum of species.

The Swamp

Claude the alligator with albinism sits on his rock in the Academy's Swamp exhibit

Explore a Southeastern swamp habitat, home to snapping turtles and our beloved alligator with albinism, Claude.

Philippine Coral Reef

Philippine Coral Reef

Watch reef fish dart through colorful forests of coral while giant rays sail gracefully under your feet.

Tusher African Hall

Visitors wander through African Hall, filled with dioramas on both sides and an African penguin colony at the far end.

Explore our evolutionary history while surrounded by dioramas of African wildlife and splashing penguins.

Living Roof

The Living Roof

Rolling hills and 1.7 million plants create an oasis for native species atop the Academy's 2.5-acre living roof.

Human Odyssey

Visitors explore the Human Odyssey exhibit.

Trace the milestones of our species’ fascinating history by studying skull casts, interactive maps, and more.

Water Planet

The Water Planet exhibit's blue glow creates a beautiful place for exploring watery adaptations.

Discover how animals have evolved fascinating methods of living in and out of water.

California Coast

Silhouetted guests point and gaze at the 100,000 gallon California Coast exhibit

Get a glimpse of the richness right off our coast and gaze at rockfish, eels, anemones, sharks, and more.

Hands-on exhibitions

Wander Woods

Masked girl plays inside a giant hollowed-out log in Wander Woods

Activate your kids' curiosity about the natural world in our outdoor nature play and exploration space.

Curiosity Grove

The iconic climbing tree framed by an all-new colorful mural inside the new Curiosity Grove educational play space.

Young imaginations soar in this colorful, California forest-themed playspace. Open daily, 10 am-4 pm.

Naturalist Center

A visitor inspecting the Naturalist Center cabinets filled with specimens, books, and more.

Welcome to the Academy's hub for exploration, with books, games, specimens, and more. Open daily; hours vary.


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