Join us as the Academy transforms into a floor-to-ceiling winter wonderland complete with snow flurries, caroling, festive programs, and Frosty and Holiday—a pair of live reindeer.

From November 25 through January 3, revel in the wonder of ’Tis the Season for Science, the Academy's annual holiday exhibit showcasing the science behind the festive season.

This interactive exhibit invites you to explore some of the most awe-inspiring details of reindeer adaptation, from how they stay warm—and afloat—when crossing icy rivers to what they eat and how they find food in the harsh Arctic winter. Step inside the Snowman Theater to learn how snowflakes form, and then settle in and enjoy a variety of holiday-themed programs, including quiz shows and live musical performances.

Make ’Tis the Season your new holiday tradition—it's a perfect way to celebrate with family and friends.

Learn how Reindeer have adapted

Amazing Adaptations

Learn how reindeer find food buried beneath the snow, how their antlers grow faster than just about any other type of bone, and how their unique adaptations help them travel up to 3,000 miles per year—farther than any other land mammal.

Snowman Theater

Snowman Theater

Step inside an immersive digital dome shaped like a giant snowman for a viewing of The Science of Snow, a child-friendly show that explores how snowflakes form and why the polar regions are so cold.


Performances on the Piazza Stage

Live Performances

Enjoy festive performances by musicians, cultural groups, and the famous Tap Dancing Christmas Trees—live from the Academy’s Piazza stage. Free with Academy admission.

A reindeer is curious about the camera

Real Reindeer

Stop by the East Garden and say hello to 5-year old Frosty and 3-year-old Holiday, two reindeer who will be visiting for the duration of the exhibit.

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Visitor Map

Visitor Map

Prefer to plan your exploration in advance? Use your smartphone for way-finding? Just click here for an interactive map of the Academy and its exhibits. 

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