Firstly, I will not even bother to express how much I gained from and loved your Ant Course. There is no point in expounding upon how well organized it was, what a perfect balance of serious intent and good-humored fun it turned out to be, how impressive the participants were, and how much your generosity contributed to my summer. One of my favorite courses of all time.
Barrett Klein 2004

This course is a great experience, so well organized that everybody working on ants should have to take the course.
Anonymous student 2004

Ant Course is an exceptional experience that has motivated me to pursue new avenues of research. I leave it energized and inspired. Great Work.
Emilio Bruna 2004

Fantastic Course. Best Field Course ever. The Ant Course has revitalized my research program and has positioned me to make lasting contributions to ecology, biodiversity, myrmecology and evolution.
Anonymous student 2004

This has been an experience I will never forget.
Anonymous student 2004

I would really like to express my thanks to all the instructors for their time, patience and enthusiasm for ants and teaching the course. The ‘total submersion’ method really worked with me to get the ant-addiction! It’s been absolutely fantastic and I hope it continues for others to benefit from.
Anonymous student 2002

Thanks again for welcoming me as a colleague and nurturing my fascination for the charismatic microfauna ants.
Dan Ahern 2002

Here are a couple of things that made the Ant Course outstanding: -- great information on how to produce high quality mounts -- great exposure to the people that really understand the material -- really interesting cross section o myrmecologists -- wonderful place -- great mix of students. 
Joe Jensen 2002

I heard about this course from past students high recommendations. Thanks so much. Amazing effort by everyone, especially as volunteers – shows how you all really care about students and are passionate about your work.
Anonymous student 2002

Two things I liked about the course were meeting other people who are as crazy as I am about ants and making contacts that will develop into life long friends.
Anonymous student 2002

The course was even better than I expected. The instructors were incredible, the place was beautiful, and there was a great sense of community. I also learned a great deal of taxonomy, and haven’t even forgotten it all yet. There was a great balance of history, science, fieldwork and social interaction (human and otherwise). Altogether it was a fantastic experience. I wish I could go back for more.
Amanda Evans 2002

In a relatively short time, the Ant Course gave me the chance to learn about various areas of ant research and meet many of those who conduct this research. My knowledge of ants increased dramatically and I met many enthusiastic students and instructors. The Ant Course was an invaluable experience and I consider it to be the highlight of my graduate school career thus far.
Joe Raczkowski 2002

I would like to thank all of the instructors. Everyone added something unique and beneficial. I had a wonderful time and would recommend this course to any ant lover I know.
Rachelle Adams 2002

The diversity of the faculty was impressive and definitely enhanced the course. I didn’t know exactly what to expect in terms of the types of research being pursued by the instructors, but it was great to have ecologists, behaviorists, systematists, etc. It also was nice to see the diversity of jobs that are available for people interested in systematics and taxonomy.
Amanda Evans 2002

The course provided an excellent forum to meet and share ideas with others in my area of study. As a student interested in ant taxonomy, I found the research station located in Portal, AZ to be a superb collecting area. The diversity of ants was substantial!
Gary Ouellette 2001

Had I taken the Ant Course as a graduate student, the Ant Course may well have been the defining experience of my graduate education. A superb course not only for North American myrmecologists, but for myrmecologists worldwide.
Ulrich G. Mueller 2001

Congratulations on organizing such a successful course! I can't imagine a better group of people, or better region of the country, to explore ant taxonomy and diversity. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!
Jennifer Wernegreen 2001

I too would like to extend a warm thank you to all of the participants in the course -- it was truly a singular experience. Again, I would also like to especially thank the instructors for their time and effort. The future of myrmecology looks brighter already.
Josh King 2001

Let me join in the chorus of thanks as well... since I got back to the real world I've been trying to explain how great it was and I keep getting these puzzled looks--maybe I may seem a bit... over enthusiastic to some people(?)
Bruce Archibald 2001

The Ant Course was, next to a two-month course with OTS in Costa Rica and a field course with Tom Eisner in Florida, one of the most enriching experience in my academic career.
Ulrich G. Mueller 2001

A great deal of time, energy, and preparation went into the course, and it was an outstanding experience. Thank you so much!
Nick Gotelli 2001

A lot of information was available from some of the top people in the field. The handouts were of high quality, as was the information presented. Additionally, several valuable contacts were made with other people working in this field.
Anonymous student 2001

I’m amazed with the level of enthusiasm of the participants. I’ll definitely collect more ants when I get back to Malaysia.
Bakhtiar Effendi 2001

Good mix of field, mounting, keying, lecture, seminars, and social hour. The location was perfect.
Derek Girman 2001

The interaction with not only the broad range of instructors, but also meeting other students studying ants, made this course one of the most valuable experiences of my graduate career. I want to come back every year. Viva la Ant Course.
Corrie Saux 2001

Course was great. I’m going home with a much fuller picture of ant taxonomy and the people who compose the community.
Anonymous student 2001

As Kurt Vonnegut wants written on his tombstone: ‘Everything was wonderful and nothing hurt.’
Anonymous student 2001

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