Citizen Science Lead

I co-developed and co-manage the current Citizen Science program at the California Academy of Sciences. My academic research primarily focuses on the evolutionary history of nudibranchs (sea slugs) and the evolution of color pattern in this group, but I am a broadly trained invertebrate zoologist, marine biologist, and biodiversity scientist. I am interested in combining historical museum collections data and current observational data to understand climate and land use change.

Program Coordinator

I am the Project Coordinator for the California Academy of Science’s involvement in the LEARN CitSci research project. In collaboration with the Natural History Museum of LA, Natural History Museum of London and education research partners in the the UK and US, this project aims to better understand the ways that citizen science can affect and educate youth.

Alison Young
Citizen Science Manager
Citizen Science, Marine Biology, Intertidal Ecology

My colleagues and I engage volunteers – “citizen scientists” – in discovering, observing, and documenting biodiversity. From creating a complete current plant record and herbarium collection of Mt. Tamalpais, to monitoring species along California’s incredible and diverse coastline, to bringing the public together to bioblitz local parks and open spaces, we give people opportunities to connect to the outdoors, to science, and to each other.