My colleagues and I engage volunteers – “citizen scientists” – in discovering, observing, and documenting biodiversity. From creating a complete current plant record and herbarium collection of Mt. Tamalpais, to monitoring species along California’s incredible and diverse coastline, to bringing the public together to bioblitz local parks and open spaces, we give people opportunities to connect to the outdoors, to science, and to each other. With our partners, we’re building communities and creating stewards of nature, while providing invaluable biodiversity data for science and conservation.

For more information about the Academy’s citizen science program, visit the citizen science webpage.

Our program relies on and is in partnership with iNaturalist.

My background is in marine biology: I have a Master’s in Marine Biology from Humboldt State University and a Bachelor’s in Biology from Swarthmore College. I am broadly interested in intertidal communities: overall biodiversity, effects of climate change, population distributions, range shifts, and species interactions. I have also spent time as an outdoor educator in the Santa Cruz Mountains for elementary school youth, and prior to coming to the Academy, led a coastal monitoring citizen science program for high school students.

When not in the field, I am the vice-chair of the Board of the Citizen Science Association and was a co-chair of their inaugural conference in San Jose, CA in February 2015. The CSA works to advance the field of public participation in scientific research and strengthen the community of practitioners, educators, scientists, volunteers, evaluators, and others involved in citizen science. With my colleague Rebecca, I won the Bay Nature Institute's "Local Hero in Environmental Education" award in 2017. I am also the founder of the Bay Area Citizen Science Coalition, which brings together local citizen science groups in the San Francisco Bay Area to achieve broader biodiversity research and education outcomes.

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