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Every two weeks on Tuesday, KQED posts a Science Do Now, inviting youth to get involved in science conversations by reading a post by youth on a controversial science issue, and tweeting their responses.

What do YOU think? Check out the TechTeens Do Now!

This week, youth from the Academy's TechTeens program asked the question: "Should schools start later to improve academic importance?"

According the TechTeens, many researchers and policymakers propose we start the school day later in the morning, citing research that the change might be beneficial to young people. However, there are some disadvantages for families that need to drop their kids off at school before work. To read more about both sides of the argument, get involved in the Science Do Now conversations on Twitter, and learn more about KQED's Do Now and the TechTeens who wrote it this week, visit KQED Education!

Students taking part in the Do Now conversation are encouraged to reply to others' tweets to promote a conversation around the topic. Students are also encouraged to support their own opinions with evidence including links articles online, or by retweeting others' ideas.

The Science Do Now is posted every two weeks on Tuesday, but the Do Now is a weekly activity for students to engage with current issues.

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