Dive into the world of the coral reef ecosystem through a variety of engaging, hands-on activities and games. Learn about coral polyp anatomy, the ecological importance of coral reefs, and the critical environmental conditions necessary for coral to survive.

You can use this kit to prepare your students for a field trip to the Academy's Philippine Coral Reef Exhibit. Or, if you can't make it to the Academy, use the kit on its own to bring the reef to you!


  • curriculum binder
  • large coral specimens
  • 18 small coral specimens
  • 35 hand lenses
  • 8 ZOOB kits
  • "Where in the World Is Coral" display board
  • 8 sets of the "Coral Polyp Reproduction" game
  • 8 sets of "The Ecosystem of Coral Reefs" memory game
  • 8 sets of the "Fragile Coral Reef" game
  • Books: "Coral Reef Fishes by Ewald Lieske and Robert Myers; "Coral Reef Food Chains" by Kellet MacAulay and Bobbie Kalman; "A Coral Reef" by Jen Green; "One Small Square: Coral Reef" by Donald Silver; and "DK 24 Hours: Coral Reef" by Caroline Bingham
  • DVDs: "Blue Planet: Coral Seas"



A Close Look at Coral Skeletons: Examine the skeletal structure of hard coral specimens, discover where the coral polyps live, and practice your observation skills.

Build a Coral Polyp: Learn about the anatomy of a coral polyp and the symbiotic relationship between corals and zooxanthellae as you build a delicious edible model of a coral polyp.

Coral Polyp Reproduction--Build a Coral Colony: Learn about sexual and asexual reproduction in coral with this fast-paced game.

Where in the World Is Coral: Practice reading and interpreting world maps as you learn the locations of coral reefs and the connections between living and non-living components of an ecosystem.

The Ecosystem of Coral Reefs: Discover some of the beautiful fish that inhabit coral reefs through this memory game.

The Fragile Coral Reef: Explore natural and human impacts on coral reef ecosystems in this exciting game.


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