Climate from space

Is there a difference between weather and climate?

Students across the country explored these phenomena in two web chats. Students became meteorologists and explored weather patterns around the globe. Then they built on our knowledge of long-term weather patterns to describe regional climates.


What happened during this Special Live Event
Weather clouds

Weather Web Chat
Students practiced observing and identifying patterns that meteorologists used to make weather predictions. They then put these skills to use to make their own forecasts!

Climate Web Chat
Students built on their knowledge of weather patterns. As climatologists, they made observations on weather conditions and the extent to which those conditions vary over time. Through this exploration, students obtained and integrated information to describe climates in different regions.

This programs was designed to be interactive! Students had the opportunity to ask Academy science educators about regarding making observations, predictions, and much more.

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Grades: 3rd Grade - 6th Grade
Program Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 75
Price: Free