These immersive infographics and data visualizations make great interactive learning resources for secondary students or science teachers. Many come straight from bioGraphic, a multimedia magazine powered by the Academy.

The Making of a Giant

bioGraphic illustration by Jane Kim

How do giant sequoias transport water and nutrients upwards for hundreds of feet, from roots to canopy?

From Leaf to Landscape

Old vs Mature Leaves; bioGraphic illustration by Jane Kim

A rainforest’s ability to take a deep breath depends on a somewhat surprising factor—the age of its leaves.

The Color of Drought

Visualization by Carnegie Airborne Observatory

In this silent video, view color-coded data which show how California's trees were affected by drought in 2016.

Catching the Rainforest's Breath

Visualization by Ken Ackerman

Ecosystem-wide, is the Amazon storing or releasing more carbon dioxide? Watch this silent clip to view the data.

Plate Tectonics & Earthquakes

Anatomy of an Earthquake

Anatomy of an Earthquake

Learn about all the individual elements and forces that make up an earthquake.

Sequence: How Seasons Affect Producers and Consumers

Connections to Human Society

How Many Planes Are in the Sky?


Real-time air traffic reveals travel patterns occurring on timescales far more rapid than species migration.

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