William J. Poly

E-mail: WPoly@CalAcademy.org

My research covers a variety of areas, including taxonomy, systematics, ecology, and conservation of fishes, fish parasites (Branchiura, Copepoda and Monogenea), and crayfishes. Zoological Nomenclature (Linnaean -- the best kind) also is a primary interest, and it relates to every other area of biology as well as other fields of study.

Taxonomy of the Branchiura (Crustacea: Argulidae)

I'm working on taxonomy of the genus Argulus and other Branchiura worldwide and preparing descriptions of new species using light and scanning electron microscopy. Using a wider array of characters and gathering data from larger samples of specimens will improve the current situation, which is that fishlice are tough to identify (as is the case with many other invertebrate groups). Argulus ambystoma Poly, 2003 and A. yucatanus Poly, 2005 are recently-described species from México.  Read more.

Fish Reproductive Behavior

An unusual and unique method of spawning by the pirate perch, Aphredoderus sayanus, was discovered by J.E. Wetzel and me. Other reproductive behaviors of fishes are under investigation. Read more.

Fringed Darter (Etheostoma crossopterum)

The fringed darter, Etheostoma crossopterum, has been a research subject since 1997 when it was discovered in Illinois (Poly and Wilson, 1998; Poly, 2000, 2003), and additional studies are underway presently. See pictures.

Taxonomy and Biology of Crayfishes

Taxonomic studies of several species of crayfishes of the genus Orconectes are in progress with J.E. Wetzel and J.W. Fetzner, Jr., including descriptions of new species. We have studied or are presently working on Orconectes pardalotus, O. luteus, O. rusticus, O. placidus, and O. indianensis along with other species.

Taxonomy of Monogenea

A new species of the genus Trimusculotrema (Monogenea: Capsalidae) from Hong Kong was described by W.G. Dyer and me in 2002. Read more.


M.S., Southern Illinois University Ph.D. (ABD), Southern Illinois University

B.S., Ohio State University




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