The Long View Project is retrenching this month with some exciting new works in the pipeline. I'm most recently working on the project's first print edition, using a stenciling process called pochoir. 20100131-0630-500x383 Pochoir is an ancient printmaking technique that attained great popularity in the early 20th century among artists and designers to produce bold designs and patterns in vibrant colors. It requires no printing press and allows for variation in texture, opacity, and color between prints since the medium is applied by hand. Its manual aspect however is time- and labor-intensive, especially with layered and large pochoirs such as these (roughly 24" x 18"), which accounts for my run of just four copies this time around. Still, I'm making the most of it by printing each on a different colored paper, slightly varying the placement of the stencils, and embellishing each with graphite for a certain degree of uniqueness. 20100131-0624cropped500x3831 More information about the tools, paints, and concept behind these prints will follow upon the edition's completion in a week or two. In the meanwhile, stay tuned for more Long View Project news in the next couple days.

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