bartalos_antarctica00239-500x281 Greetings Long View followers, it's been a spell since my last post and an update is long overdue. Despite recent travels and various commitments, the Long View project is alive and well and continues to take shape with new sketches, studies, and progress on the string of final art panels. I'm working on freeing up the panels' compositions and the 'flow' between them by linking the series in freeform fashion with rope, wire and various projectiles in addition to the hinges I'd originally proposed. Expect photos and a return to more regular and frequent postings on my return to the studio after the holidays. In the meanwhile, I want to extend a big thanks to all those who attended my Long View talk at the Calacademy's NightLife event. It was great fun to do and I got a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Special appreciation to Rhonda Rubinstein, Cat Aboudara, and Gary Sharlow for facilitating my presentation. In other Calacademy news, I'm currently creating the graphics for the Extreme Mammals exhibit slated to open on April 3. The show arrives from New York City's American Museum of Natural History which I had the pleasure of visiting today. The exhibit delivers on its promise of The Biggest, Smallest, and Most Amazing Mammals of All Time, providing great material to illustrate. The graphics will be stylistically consistent with those I previously created for the Calacademy and will again be featured on apparel and merchandise throughout the museum's three retail stores. Happy holidays to all!

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