This diptych pays homage to Antarctic explorer Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David, director of scientific staff on Shackleton's 1907-09 Nimrod Expedition. On that voyage, David led the first parties ever to reach the South Magnetic Pole and the summit of Mt. Erebus, the world's southernmost active volcano. He was also a participant in the Nimrod crew's production of the book Aurora Australis. His 35-page narrative account titled The Ascent of Mount Erebus is the edition's single lengthiest contribution. bartalos_lvstudy06-7_wview500x322 My artwork's left side references David's lifelong engagement with geological investigations. The right-hand panel's images represent his alma mater New College Oxford, his ascent of Mt. Erebus, his epic voyage to the ice plateau and back, and his professorship at the University of Sydney till age 82. In 1920 David was created a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, and later helped set up the Australian National Research Council and served as its first President. Clearly his accomplishments -- and these are just the 'tip of the iceberg' so to speak -- are too numerous to fit into a mere diptych so I'll be paying additional respects in my final 12" square panels. This study measures 16" wide x 9" high. It was created in graphite and cut paper (using mostly found and recycled stock as usual) mounted on gessoed wood panels. It can be seen along with LV Study #5 at CUTTERS: An Exhibition of International Collage curated by James Gallagher at Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn from October 16 through November 15. Photo © Australian Antarctic Division 2008 Photo © Australian Antarctic Division 2008 Lastly, I can't close out this post without including David's iconic self-portrait of himself (center) and his teammates Dr. Alistair Mackay (left) and Douglas Mawson raising the flag at the Magnetic South Pole on January 16, 1909. Their epic trek took over four months and 1,200 miles to complete. A thorough account of this journey replete with perils and close calls can be found in the Nimrod chapter of the Shackleton story here.

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