It's been a gratifying month in the studio as many of the Long View Project's one hundred 12" square artworks began to materialize. 20090608-studio4836-500x375 A first step in the process is preparing the base panels. Above, Lili Ong applies gesso to the panels' fronts and sides to create white acid-free surfaces for paper collages to adhere to. 20090731-studio5331-500x333 Other panels will support wood constructions inspired by the recycled Venesta boards at Shackleton's hut at Cape Royds. 20091008studio41-500x317 I'm working on several pieces simultaneously, shuttling them between the walls and work tables. I'll be posting updates on the series as it develops, as well as new sketchbook pages, small-panel studies, and the ongoing photo-documentation of my Antarctic item collection. Big thanks to Lili and my pal Eric Hoffman for their invaluable assistance and creative inspiration in the studio.

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